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Wild Horse

wild horseWild Horse (made in Germany) delivers a sour bite to your tongue that will wake up your senses in a hurry! The Horse comes in a 250mL bullet can, has an olive drab / light brown color, non carbonated, dry taste and a medium aftertaste that will stay with you for a while. The only way I can describe the taste of Wild Horse is sour green apples, it is very tart and bites! I am not a fan of this drink, the tart bite and aftertaste just don’t work for me.

Thanks to Dave for bringing this drink back from Germany!

WH contains taurine, inositol, caffeine and B vitamins (I don’t know the amounts since everything was in German)

Inositol (What is it?)


Inositol is an organic component of every cell membrane. Hence, all animals, plants, including people, are good sources of inositol. Some energy drinks may list inositol and some drinks will just list a B-energy blend. Inositol is a water soluble nutrient that is often associated with B vitamins and is used to regulate the central nervous system.

Nitro Red Berry Energy

Nitro RB is a non carbonated drink that resembles strawberry Kool-Aid. RB is very sweet (72g of sugar) and has a strong strawberry flavor that leaves only a slight aftertaste on your tongue. I got a little buzz from this drink but it was too sweet for my liking.

Nitro is a product of Canada and contains the usual suspects: caffeine, taurine, inositol and B12 vitamins

Purchased for $.60 from Big Lots.

Nitro Red Berry

Wild Buzz

Standard Red Bull style drink. Medium to high carbonation, 16 oz, gold color, slightly dry taste, filmy aftertaste on roof of mouth and you don’t really taste this beverage until you swallow it. Wild Buzz is a middle of the road drink containing high fructose corn syrup, taurine, caffeine and B12. This drink was purchased for $1 and that’s about all this drink is worth, it’s not horrible but I wouldn’t buy it again unless this was the only drink left on the shelf. 😉

wild buzz

Moutain Dew Game Fuel

After your first sip of Game Fuel there is one word that comes to mind….. SUGAR. There are 77 grams of sugar in a 20 oz bottle and you can tell that by the film left on your teeth. GF has a deep orange color, very little carbonation, super sweet fruity taste with a hint of cherry and a “filmy” aftertaste in your mouth.

You may find this “limited edition” beverage on sale for under $1, if so you can try it but I wouldn’t pay over a buck for this. Stick with the original dew!

List of goodies: Caffeine (121 mg), bromated vegetable oil, high fructose corn syrup and yellow #6 (not a very impressive list)

Game Fuel

Everlast Citrus Blast

GRAPEFRUIT! Whoa, this drink will shock your senses on that first sip! Everlast comes in a 250mL bullet can, slight carbonation, grapefruit aroma, solid yellow color and a robust grapefruit flavor that wakes you up on those early mornings! Once you get past that first sip shock, it’s a tasty beverage that I think you will enjoy (if you like grapefruit). Everlast will leave a slight film aftertaste on your tongue that goes away in a few minutes. I picked this up at Save-a-lot for $1 and it’s worth every penny!

Everlast contains taurine, caffeine, inositol and B vitamins.


Freek Skitzo

Freek Skitzo (Evil Energy) is a fine tasting beverage! I wish I had 2 more hands so I could give this drink 4 thumbs up!

Skitzo comes in your standard 16 oz can, has a purple pull tab and I found it for $.60/can at Big Lots. Once I tasted Freek I went back to Big Lots and bought a case it was so good! The first time I sampled this beverage was when my buddy Jeff brought me one back from Detroit (old can). I could never find Freek anywhere I looked and I wasn’t driving to Detroit to buy more either…. but then about a year later Big Lots has a new can design and a skid loaded with multiple cases! It was time to get my Freek on; at $.60 a can everyone can afford to get Freeky!

List of goodies: 16 oz, Caffeine (170mg), taurine (2032mg), inositol (200mg), B vitamins and ginseng

Skitzo is purple in color, average-moderate carbonation that adds a nice tingle to your tongue, tangy bouquet that grabs your attention and a nice grape flavor that packs the proper amount of tart and sweetness!

If you have to pay $2 to get your Freek on, it’s worth it!

New Can ————————————————–Old Can

Freekold can

24:7 Energy

Today we have a can of 24:7 Energy that comes in a 16 oz can and will cost you $1.50 on sale at Walgreens. 247 offers mild carbonation, gold color, red bull wanna be flavor without the sweetness and a very DRY taste…… you have cotton mouth after drinking this. There is nothing to write home with about this drink; has a mild flavor but packs a powerful aroma that leaves you disappointed. Unless you can find this drink for less than a buck I would not waste my money.

247 energy

Guarana (what it is)

What is guarana?

When looking at energy drinks you usually see this ingredient, do you really know what it is?

Guarana is a climbing plant that is native to South America in the Amazon basin and usually associated with Brazil. Even though guarana has flowers and large leaves, it is known most for the fruit it produces that is about the size of a coffee bean. The fruit are small, bright-red, and contains black seeds. Each piece of fruit usually contains a guarana seed that has approximately 3x the caffeine of a coffee bean.

Guarana = concentrated caffeine!

Ol’ Glory

I though today was an appropriate day for a review on Old Glory! OG has a light gold color, mild carbonation, fruity aroma but not much of a fruity taste. I would classify this as a light and refreshing drink, you can drink this while at work, watching TV at home ect…. It’s not going to give you the shakes but it will give you a little boost.

The list of goodies are: 16 oz can, Caffeine (100mg), taurine (500mg), guarana, inositol, ginseng and B vitamins.

OG was purchased for $.99 (Thanks Rob) has a flag and eagles head on the can!

Old Glory