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EDG wants you! – Omega Energy

Do you have an odd ball drink that you really love but don’t find many people that share your same feeling? EDG wants to hear from you about your good ‘ol standby!! Send me over something good and I’ll even post it up as a guest entry! 🙂 Send your entries to energydrinkguru {at} gmail {dot} com.


One of my old time favorites has been discontinued by Fuse 🙁 it was Omega Energy (Mango Passionfruit). My buddy Rob introduced me to this fine nectar and it was an instant hit in my energy drink book! This drink was the perfect compliment to a draggin’ ass Monday morning, fresh vibrant orangy passionfruit flavor that just got ya going even before the taurine and ginseng hit ya! This drink was in the #1 position for quite some time in my ratings book. Rockstar Guava is in my current top 3 along with Omega but not quite sure if it takes the win.

It’s just not the same anymore with Omega in the fridge!  If you have seen Omega in you r area please drop me a line, I need to get me some more!!!!!!!!

Time for bed, I’m outta here for tonight!

Japan-Tokyo Energy

JAPAN ENERGYToday we have a no name drink that we will call “Japan energy”! This was purchased at an Asian market in Seattle for $1.50 This drink comes in a 100 mL brown glass bottle with a screw top cap and lots of Japanese writing on it. I went to the website listed but they did not have an English translation.

Japan energy has a vitamin smell to it once you crack the cap, maybe like those liquid filled vitamin E capsules or a Centrum. It’s a strong smell that will grab your nose right away! JE is a non carbonated, has a deep gold color and seems to be a thicker consistency than your normal energy drink. It’s not cough syrup thick but just in between them.

This may not have the consistency of cough syrup….but it sure does have a medicine taste that is pretty strong and lays on your tongue heavy!

To be honest, I am not even sure if this is an energy drink 🙂 This may be some Japanese cough syrup for all I know?

I think you will be fine if you pass on this drink, I really don’t even know what this stuff was and I am not drinking it again!

Clamato Energia

Wow, I don’t even know where to start on this drink…. First off let me inform you that I do not like tomato juice or V8 so take that for what it’s worth. I may need to continue this tomorrow, this was vile stuff, I don’t know how to even put this into words!?!?!?!?

I am gonna sleep on this one and continue in the AM….. (wow this was nasty)

Pure nasty..

Dead Red Xcelerator

Dead redListen up all you slackers that are running behind, is it time for an Excelerator?

Dead Red energy gives you a sharp taste, provides a nice heavy film on roof of mouth, hits ya in back of throat, offers a med-heavy carbonation that tingles your mouth pretty good, cotton mouth sets in about 5 seconds after you gulp this down.

This drink has a red/pink/fushia color and that generic fruit punch taste and aroma. I personally am not going to buy this drink again, luckily I only spent $.60 at big lots for this.  The can has a cool design and comes in a 12oz bullet can.

The “goods”: 1500 mg taurine, 37 mg inositol, 37 mg ginseng, 30 mg milk thistle and 22 mg ginko. (unknown amount of guarana and HFCS)

Did I mention this drink gives you serious cottonmouth?

Rockstar Juiced Guava

Rockstar GuavaToday we have another selection from the Rockstar “Juiced” line. Rockstar Guava has a pretty cool purple can with a diamond plate design and black/gold lettering.RS Guava has sweet fruity aroma when you crack the can open, pinkish/red color and mild carbonation. If you have ever flown on an inner island in Hawaii they give you these little 4 oz cups of guava juice and this drink will remind you of it.

RSG used to be 70% juice but that had been knocked down to 50% juice but the same great taste is still there! 🙂 I really enjoy this drink, you can crack one of these open first thing in the morning and serve it at breakfast (to people that say they don’t like energy drinks).

This drink really breaks out of the standard energy drink taste and brings a new flavor to the table! Props to Rockstar on this grade A winner! I rate this drink in my top 3 of energy drinks I have sampled!

Rip it — Citrus X

Rip it Citrus XGood morning readers, today we have a nice solid value drink I think you all will enjoy! Rip It Citrus-X has a nice orange juice color, mild carbonation, orangy aroma that is very inviting in the morning. C-X provides a nice tingle on the tongue, the flavor itself reminds me slightly of Tang but not as intense. I really enjoy Citrus-X, this is tasty drink that has just the right amount of bite to make this a refreshing morning pick!

I used to get this for $.99/can but it looks like they have raised the price to $1.09/can but that’s still a great deal compared to the other $2 drinks!

Goods include: 16 oz can, 2000mg taurine, 200 mg caffeine, 200mg inositol and 20mg guarana seed.

Jolt Cola

old jolt logoToday we have an energy cola to review! Jolt Cola was created in Rochester, NY back in 1985 before anyone even thought of energy drinks! But then again, Jolt really isn’t an energy drink…. it’s just a cola with LOTS of caffeine! I remember buying this stuff when I was in middle school and thought I was such a bas ass when I brought in for lunchtime!

Jolt Cola

In 2006 Jolt had a marketing change and got rid of the old jolt logo that they used since 1985. (The glass bottles still use the old logo) I personally still like the old logo they use but it’s still the same cola with a different label.

Jolt cola provides a RC cola taste that has flat carbonation, leaves a nasty grit feeling on your teeth and a heavy film on tongue afterwards. I personally would not bother buying a Jolt, there are so many better options available to you these days.
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Rockstar Juiced Pomegranate

Happy October 1st

Rockstar Pom is part of the Juiced collection of drink, I think it’s better than the original “juiced” which was the orange flavor. Pom contains 50% juice, has a nice deep burgundy red color, mild carbonation that tingles your tongue just right and a slight sweet aroma that greets you when you open the can up!

RSP has a nice sweet but dry taste that includes just the right amount of carbonation to fully enjoy this beverage. There is no real aftertaste that I can taste, this finishes clean and smooth. The pomegranate flavor may be to strong or tart for a whole 16oz can, I would love to see this drink in the standard 8.3oz bullet can (and sell it for $1). After 16 oz of this drink your tongue is shot and things don’t taste right for a while. I suggest splitting this can with someone at breakfast time 😉

The goods: 16 oz can – 160mg caffeine, 2000mg taurine, 50mg inositol, 50mg guarana, 300mg ginko biloboa, 50mg ginseng, 40mg milk thistle and B vitamins.

Rockstar Pom

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