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Look inside EDG labs!

Hello readers, I am going to give you a quick peek inside the Energy Drink Guru labs! I have been drinking energy drinks for a few years now and it all started with an excel spreadsheet, my co-workers and few dixie cups. I would bring in a Red bull or a Monster and my co-workers would always ask: “do those really work” or “what do they taste like”…… One day I brought in a can of Monster, grabbed a few dixie cups from the water cooler and setup a make shift bar and I had everyone sample some Monster. As time went on I would bring in a Red Bull, Rockstar or whatever else I could find back in 2003 and I would record all my co-workers ratings in an excel spreadsheet and we’d compare notes every so often. We thought it was crazy once our spreadsheet reached 40 drinks!

Fast forward to Sept 2007…. I have sampled over 160 different energy drinks, I still have a lot of the cans (not sure why I’m saving them) and the energy market is exploding with new drinks every month! I now have friends, customers, co-workers and even some EDG readers bringing/sending in energy drinks that they found for me to sample. I would like to say THANKS to all of you that have donated to my habit!

EDG Labs

Hope all of you had a good 2007 and let’s see what 2008 brings!

Rockstar Punched

Rockstar Punched

I am going to get straight to the point! THIS STUFF ROCKS! (no pun intended)

I was a huge Rockstar Guava fan but it looks like Punched is going to give it a run for the money! RS tropical punch makes Hawaiian Punch taste like water!

I really enjoy this drink, its refreshing, crisp, good robust flavor, nice inviting red/pink color,  mild carbonation and the best part is that it finishes cleans and no dry aftertaste!  If you are trying to decided between BooKoo Punch and RSP there is no contest, put that bookoo down and go straight for the RSP unless you enjoy cottonmouth!

RSP comes in a 16 oz can and also includes the red pull tab with the etched in RR on it.

The goodies include: 2000mg taurine, 300mg ginkgo, 240mg caffeine, 50mg guarana, 50mg inositol, 50mg ginseng and 40mg milk thistle.

BooKoo Punch

bookoo punch It’s Friday and we are sampling a BooKoo punch this morning!  BooKoo comes in a 16oz can and has a red/blue color combo that looks good.

Once we crack this can open you get that standard fruit punch aroma similar to Hawaiian Punch!  When i first tasted this it gave me a metal-like taste on my mouth, does BooKoo grind up some aluminum foil to put in this drink?  You will notice the medium carbonation and the tingly bite on your tongue after a few swigs.  This drink has made me add a new category called “cotton mouth”!  Once you swallow this drink the drying effect sets in and now you’re thirsty.  BooKoo is not a thirst quenching beverage by any means, it’s actually a pretty disappointing drink in my books and rough on your throat.  This gets at least 1 thumb down from me!

BKP does include 2060mg of taurine and 206mg of Ginseng.

Monster Energy “BFC”

Monster BFC

Monster “BFC” I’m sure you all can guess what the “BFC” stand for! 😀 This is 32 oz of energy packed into 1 can! If you want to be bouncing off the walls this is right up your alley!

We have reviewed Monster before and most of you have sampled it so we will pass on the review but just admire this beast of a can. I have a standard 16 oz can next to it for reference.



Diablo<excuse me while I rinse my mouth with gasoline>

Diablo… I don’t even know where to start. I guess I should say thanks to Jeff for bringing me this drink back from Canada, but then again after drinking it I wish he would have left this in Canada!

Diablo claims to use natural ingredients and not manufactured ingredients….BUT did you really want White Willow Bark in your drink.

This is nasty vile swill… whoever the person was that gave this drink the “OK” for production should be forced to drink it first! I was able to take (1) one sip and I almost puked in my mouth.  They try and give this a fake berry flavor but that doesn’t help at all.

Diablo = violent liquid assault on your tongue

If you see this, RUN AWAY as fast as you can!

Steven Seagal’s Cherry Charge

Cherry ChargeI wonder if Chuck Norris will ever come out with an energy drink??? If so the Chuck Norris drink would kick Steven Seagal’s ass!

Cherry Charge Lightning Bolt (CCLB) gives off an Asian vibe with the writing on the can but not the best design out there. CCLB offers you 16oz of Juicy Juice cherry flavor packed with an interesting twist. This drink is like no other that you have tasted, I don’t know what it is but I am not sure if its a good thing either???

The minute you crack this can open it smells like Juicy Juice cherry, if you have had juicy juice before you know exactly what I mean… it is a very distinct aroma. CCLB offers a deep red color, mild carbonation and that first sip is not very pleasant. The only way I can describe this is a cherry flavor that turns into a plum aftertaste once you swallow this liquid. The taste gets a little better after a few swigs but I am will not be buying anymore of this drink….. I won’t be drinking anymore of this even if you give it to me!

The ingredient list for CCLB includes some rare finds like Tibetan goji berry, organic cane juice + Asian cordyceps but also gives you some of the usual suspects like caffeine, guarana, ginseng, ginko and B vitamins.

Feel free to sample this if you like… but remember that I warned you! 😉

NOS Grape

NOS GrapeNOS Grape offers an eye catching can with colors similar to Rockstar Guava. This high performance energy drink delivers that trademark artificial grape smell… snow cones, gum, suckers, candy or kool-aid. If there was dictionary with smells, this is what would be listed for grape.

Now that we are done sniffing that artificial grape aroma let take a swig of this drink…..WOW, artificial grape flavor to match that aroma! If I blindfolded you and had you sample this you would think it was grape soda. There is no energy taste at all, just lots or robust artificial grape flavor. I happen to like grape soda so this drink taste good to me, but I don’t wanna pay $2 to drink pop.

NOS grape offers the usual suspects: 2000mg taurine, 400mg L-carnitine, 250mg caffeine, 200mg inositol, 100mg panax ginseng and B vitamins.

If you like expensive grape pop/soda… I got the perfect drink for you!

Omega Jackpot!

I must give props to Rob for scoring me this sweet sealed case of Omega Energy! Fuse discontinued the Omega line of energy drinks for some reason and you can’t find it anymore… 🙁 Rob managed to find this gem stashed in a back of a C-store in Georgia!!

As you all know Omega is one of my all time favorite energy drinks!!!

Rob, thanks for liquid gold! 😀