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Radioactive Energy

Radioactive Energy (RE) comes in a 10.5 oz can with a vinyl overlay label. The label is pretty cool since it will glow in the dark BUT you need to hold the label to a light to “charge” it for a better view.

RE has a dull yellow color with no foamy head when poured into a glass. I really couldn’t smell a distinct aroma that was describable so I will call this a dull aroma.

Radioactive has a very sour / bitter taste that will really make you pucker up on that first sip. I did not find my first sip pleasant at all, I was ready to pour out the rest of the can….. RE is not sweet tasting by any means but it is very dry and has a blah aftertaste that I can’t pinpoint. GLOWRE is a very forgettable drink, it does not have an qualities that really make this stand out besides the name and label. I do have to mention that this drink gets SLIGHTLY better after the first few sips, but I would still have to rate this 5/10.

Save your $2 and pick a different drink!

6 hr Mini Thin Rush

6 hr energyToday we are going to review a drink that Emilie was so kind to donate to the site. Mini Thin Rush (MTR) comes in a 2 oz plastic screw top bottle with a plastic color wrap and the slogan of “Feel the RUSH!”. The label shows various activities such as swimming, bike riding, tennis and basketball.

Mini Thin Rush claims

*Instant Energy

*No Crash

*Sugar Free – less than 1 carb

This version of MTR is berry flavor and once you open the top it has a very fragrant fruit punch aroma that is very pleasing, reminds me of Hawaiian Punch. We have just sampled Rockstar Punch not too long ago so I was thinking MTR may be similar due to the aroma and solid red color….. I was wrong in every aspect of that assumption. MTR taste nothing like it smells, this has a very medicinal flavor that reminds me of Robitussion cough syrup. I could even create a new category called Jekyll and Hyde since this is such a drastic change from smell to taste. Once you get past the medicine taste MTR will leave a slight metallic aftertaste.

OK, enough with the taste… what does 6 hr energy do for you? The first time I sampled this drink I didn’t really notice much of a pick up boost…. I then tried it again the next day and noticed a good 3 hr boost of energy that didn’t crash on me.

Bottom line: Mini Thin Rush does not taste good BUT it can give you a energy boost without having to drink a 16 oz can of other drinks. Twist the cap, slug it down and move along!

Go Ape Energy

go ape
This morning I stopped in at the local Circle K gas station to pick up a 32 oz Go Ape Energy fountain drink. Here is a picture that I snapped with my cell phone, nothing super crazy just an ape with a barbell…..
Go Ape is RED is color and would love to stain anything it touched including your tongue… The aroma reminds you of cherry Jello after you just dumped in the boiling water in… BUT the taste is similar to a strawberry Jello flavor and Go Ape packs a mean ass TART bite that will wake you up!! I must admit the tart bite is one of the features I like about this drink, the one thing I don’t care for is the slight dry taste that stays on the roof of your mouth! I am not sure what the ingredient list is for Go Ape but it must have some caffeine, taurine or guarana because it will give you a nice little boost!

The best part of Go Ape is—– $.59 for a 32 oz cup! That’s the best deal in energy drinks out there!