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Moutain Dew Voltage

voltageI just found this at the grocery store last night and had to give it a try. Mountain Dew Voltage – Charged with raspberry citrus flavor and ginseng.

I am guessing this is standard Dew that they added a new flavor and some ginseng. The sugar content is still 76g for a 20 oz bottle which is the same as regular Dew.

Voltage has a ROBUST flavor that stimulates every taste bud in your mouth!!! I was surprised at the level of flavor Voltage delivered. I want to describe the flavor as blue… if you ever tasted any blue drinks this what came to mind. Lets now really focus and see what flavor we can taste…. I am tasting some generic berry with little bit of tart. I really can’t pinpoint the flavor of this drink past berry but it has a solid huge taste that will make you say “DAMN!”

I didn’t notice any energy boost over a standard Dew. I would not buy this again but I was glad I did try it just so I witness the flavor explosion Voltage delivers.

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Jetset Energy Original

Let’s jet into the weekend with Jetset Energy Original review!

Jetset has a fun looking can with the Austin Powers swirl effect in the background, the DJ working a pair of turntables on the backside of the can and all the world clocks at the top of the can. I did notice the can was slightly large than a Redbull at 10.5oz (310mL) so you score an extra swig or two with Jetset!

Lets crack this can open and start this review………. Jetset offers a very similar aroma to the ‘bull and has a strong orange/gold color that draws your attention. The color, aroma and taste also remind me of a drink called “Dark Scorpion” and that was a tasty drink also. Jetset has very fine micro bubbles that assault your tongue, I am not a fan of heavy carbonation but I enjoyed the micro bubbles! I also noticed some there is a metallic aftertaste if you take a small sip but if you take a big swig you don’t notice it that much. There is a slight aftertaste/cottonmouth but nothing more than a light residue film that disappears after 60 secs.

Jetset has a slightly tart flavor, it’s milder than Monster but similar to Red Bull.  Edit 8/7/08  I just had another Jetset and I noticed more cottonmouth and aftertaste than I had originally posted.

Jetset offers the usually suspects:HFCS, 1000mg taurine, 50mg inositol, 25mg ginseng, 120mg caffeine, 25mg guarana and B vitamins.

If you are out and about, grab a Jetset and let me know what you think.