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Blood Energy Potion

Do you wanna be a hit at your Halloween or next Twilight party??  If so you need to score some Blood Energy Potion! (Click the pix for a nice high res version)

Blood Energy Potion

The folks over at Harcos have really hit a home run in the marketing department.

Blood Energy Potion comes in a cool IV transfusion style bag, thick blood like texture and iron like aftertaste to quench your lust for blood!

When you decide you have a thirst for blood, grab a bag and twist the cap, you will notice a pleasing Hawaiian Punch fruity aroma.  I poured some blood into a glass to check out the texture and consistency… The color and consistency look pretty good!!  The whole marketing concept is fantastic, I have a girl in my office that was to freaked out to try more than a sip.  If this was in a 8oz can and was called Fruit Power Explosion, people wouldn’t think twice about drinking this.  Now that you have your Blood Energy in your goblet, swirl it around to watch it coat the inside and then take sip, it has a thick texture that instantly coats your tongue and plays a mental mind trick with you as your are holding the IV bag…!!!!

Blood Energy Potion is available now without a prescription from, and will soon be available from retailers, including Hot Topic, Fry’s Electronics, Micro Center and ThinkGeek, among others.

People living with Bloodlust, or concerned about the possibility, can visit for tips, testimonials, or a diagnosis.

Those who may be experiencing Bloodlust and need urgent assistance can call the Bloodlust hotline at 310-526-FANG (3264) for a free consultation with one of Blood Energy Potion’s trained representatives.