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Hydrive -Extra Strength Black Cherry

Today we got our hands on some HYDRIVE – Extra Strength Black Cherry!

We enjoyed the previous Hydrives we sampled and were eager to crack open this black cherry with extra caffeine!

You will notice a strong cherry aroma once you open this bottle and it smells pretty damn good if your a fan of cherry!  Taste is similar to a Kool-Aid black cherry.

I liked the extra caffeine, I sampled this after lunch and it kept me going well into dinner.  I didn’t notice any crash from this.

I would have no problem suggesting this to friends or even buying another one (even though I am not a big low-carb / sugar free fan).

First sip gives you a non-carbonated rich black cherry taste that disappears quick and minimal aftertaste.  I am always concerned about the aftertaste or funk that some lo-cal or sugar free drinks a can leave behind.

Hydrive claims this bottle contains 20% more caffeine than a 16 oz Red Bull.

-195 mg caffeine

-6g of sugars and 30 calories

– Vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12 and 50 mg of Yerba mate