Monthly Archives: July 2011

Liquid Ice Energy

Today we had the great pleasure to sample Liquid Ice Energy.  We sampled the 12 oz regular and 8.3oz sugar free version.

First look produces a good looking 12 oz bullet can with wide mouth!  Once we crack this can open it produces an aqua sky blue color that is very pleasing!  There is a mild aroma that is hard to describe, it doesn’t have that “taurine energy” smell that most ED’s do.

When Liquid Ice hits your tongue the first thing you are thinking is SMOOTH, I haven’t tasted an energy drink this smooth before!  You can see carbonation bubble on the side of the glass and you expect the micro bubble assault on your tongue but NO, it’s that friggin’ smooth!  After you slug this down you will get a slight non-offensive drying taste on your tongue.

Liquid Ice does not taste like your standard baby aspirin energy drink, it’s a hard flavor to describe but maybe like a faint citrus background and a hint of some berry maybe?  Either way this is a very tasty beverage, I was impressed! Liquid Ice will give you that afternoon pickup you are looking for and I didn’t notice any crash afterwards!

The sugar free version was an 8.3oz white can with same style graphics.  I am not huge a fan of sugar free drinks but it still had a good flavor (similar to the regular) but you get a little of that artificial sweetener dry aftertaste.

Energy Drink Guru Recommended !!!