24:7 Energy

Today we have a can of 24:7 Energy that comes in a 16 oz can and will cost you $1.50 on sale at Walgreens. 247 offers mild carbonation, gold color, red bull wanna be flavor without the sweetness and a very DRY taste…… you have cotton mouth after drinking this. There is nothing to write home with about this drink; has a mild flavor but packs a powerful aroma that leaves you disappointed. Unless you can find this drink for less than a buck I would not waste my money.

247 energy

3 thoughts on “24:7 Energy

  1. Travis

    The Cherry and Berry variety of this drink (comes in a similar can but with a red theme) is quite sour for an energy drink- it tasted like liquefied Sour Patch Kids.

  2. johnny five

    this stuff is manna from heaven, because it contains aspartame.

    i spend about 4 months/year on a cyclic ketogenic diet. for some reason, sucralose, the sweetener in EVERY other energy drink out there, kicks me out of ketosis, but aspartame is gravy.

    this is the only energy drink i’ve ever seen with aspartame (other than soft drinks like vault, pepsi max, and diet mountain dew, but those don’t really count).

  3. 555spyder

    the cherry flavor of this energy drink is very sweet for an energy drink if u compare it to monsters assault

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