6 hr Mini Thin Rush

6 hr energyToday we are going to review a drink that Emilie was so kind to donate to the site. Mini Thin Rush (MTR) comes in a 2 oz plastic screw top bottle with a plastic color wrap and the slogan of “Feel the RUSH!”. The label shows various activities such as swimming, bike riding, tennis and basketball.

Mini Thin Rush claims

*Instant Energy

*No Crash

*Sugar Free – less than 1 carb

This version of MTR is berry flavor and once you open the top it has a very fragrant fruit punch aroma that is very pleasing, reminds me of Hawaiian Punch. We have just sampled Rockstar Punch not too long ago so I was thinking MTR may be similar due to the aroma and solid red color….. I was wrong in every aspect of that assumption. MTR taste nothing like it smells, this has a very medicinal flavor that reminds me of Robitussion cough syrup. I could even create a new category called Jekyll and Hyde since this is such a drastic change from smell to taste. Once you get past the medicine taste MTR will leave a slight metallic aftertaste.

OK, enough with the taste… what does 6 hr energy do for you? The first time I sampled this drink I didn’t really notice much of a pick up boost…. I then tried it again the next day and noticed a good 3 hr boost of energy that didn’t crash on me.

Bottom line: Mini Thin Rush does not taste good BUT it can give you a energy boost without having to drink a 16 oz can of other drinks. Twist the cap, slug it down and move along!

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