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Hydrive Energy chews

hydrive chew

Today we had the chance to sample some Orange Burst Hydrive Energy chews!

There are 4 chews in a pack and 40mg of caffeine per chew, calcium and plenty of Vitamin C, B3, B5, B6 and B12!

When you unwrap one of these you see a substance similar to a Starburst and notice a orangy aroma similar to baby aspirin.

Pop one of these in your mouth and it has tart flavor and a orange flavor with a hint of vanilla…. or maybe a concentrated Tang flavor with a slightly gritty texture.  The orange flavor has a long aftertaste which isn’t a bad thing, especially when your at your desk staring at a computer.  These have a good taste and I think you could non energy drink fans to eat these, they have no energy drink taste.  You will get a little energy boost and the more you eat the greater the boost.  Do not consume more than 8 chews in a 24 hr period!

You can purchase these online at Get 20% off when you mention code: HYD20

I have some other Hydrive drinks to review so stay tuned for those!

Blood Energy Potion

Do you wanna be a hit at your Halloween or next Twilight party??  If so you need to score some Blood Energy Potion! (Click the pix for a nice high res version)

Blood Energy Potion

The folks over at Harcos have really hit a home run in the marketing department.

Blood Energy Potion comes in a cool IV transfusion style bag, thick blood like texture and iron like aftertaste to quench your lust for blood!

When you decide you have a thirst for blood, grab a bag and twist the cap, you will notice a pleasing Hawaiian Punch fruity aroma.  I poured some blood into a glass to check out the texture and consistency… The color and consistency look pretty good!!  The whole marketing concept is fantastic, I have a girl in my office that was to freaked out to try more than a sip.  If this was in a 8oz can and was called Fruit Power Explosion, people wouldn’t think twice about drinking this.  Now that you have your Blood Energy in your goblet, swirl it around to watch it coat the inside and then take sip, it has a thick texture that instantly coats your tongue and plays a mental mind trick with you as your are holding the IV bag…!!!!

Blood Energy Potion is available now without a prescription from, and will soon be available from retailers, including Hot Topic, Fry’s Electronics, Micro Center and ThinkGeek, among others.

People living with Bloodlust, or concerned about the possibility, can visit for tips, testimonials, or a diagnosis.

Those who may be experiencing Bloodlust and need urgent assistance can call the Bloodlust hotline at 310-526-FANG (3264) for a free consultation with one of Blood Energy Potion’s trained representatives.

Mtn Dew Game Fuel

Attention World of WarCraft Gamers, we have something here for you. Mountain Dew® is proud to introduce Game Fuel, two limited-time-only flavors inspired by the hit video game World of Warcraft.

Horde Red:”Dew with a blast of citrus cherry flavor” Has a deep orange color with the aroma of Triaminic orange cough syrup.  First sip you take is a tad bitter, mild carbonation and taste similar to the Triaminic cough syrup. (I used to love that stuff when i was a kid). I did taste a little bit of  a dry cherry flavor but that disappears quickly.  Don’t plan on chugging this drink, you need to sip this while your game loads up.

Alliance Blue: “Dew with a punch of wild fruit flavor” has a deep sea INTENSE BLUE color but there is not real pronounced aroma that I smelled.  First sip generates a mildly carbonated super sugary sweet Popsicle fruit flavor that is hard to describe.  The fruity flavor is mild and dissipates quickly with minimal aftertaste.  I would drink this again!

*121mg of caffeine and 76g of sugar in the 20 oz bottle

Visit HTTP://WARCRAFT.COM/DEW to register for your chance win great gaming prizes every 15 minutes, including Alienware notebooks, Razer peripherals and
World of Warcraft gear.

Sport Energy

** UPDATE **

Sport Energy has been discontinued as of Nov 2009


Sport Energy is not going to win any art / design contest with the look of their can BUT I was excited to see the 16oz cans were made with real sugar!  I love sampling drinks made with real sugar compared to the HFCS!

Doo Drop: has the color of Mt Dew, aroma similar to gatorade, medium carbonation, tart flavor and a nice sweet taste that real sugar produces! Doo Drop was my favorite out of the bunch! EDG Recommended Sport Energy

Mango Cream: has the color of Tang, smells like Tang, the flavor is similar to Tang with added baby aspirin, first sip is a strong flavor assault on your tongue that I enjoyed!

Raspberry Cream: pale pink clear color, aroma is similar to cotton candy/cream soda, medium carbonation, good rich flavor start to finish, strong lingering taste.

Fruit Punch: transparent reddish-pink color, dead ringer for Hawaiian Punch, if you added carbonation to HP you would get Sport Energy Fruit Punch!  The sweet sugar grabs your tongue on that first sip, medium carbonation, this drink is a pleasure to drink.

The 16oz cans of Sport Energy include 1000mg of Taurine, 80mg of caffeine, 5mg of Guarana, 5mg of Ginseng and 43.5g of sugar per 12oz serving (less than Mt Dew). The energy boost you feel is similar to what you get from the big 3.

Shots: The 2.5oz sport energy shots are a whole different game……I know the “energy shot” market is exploding but I have yet to find many shots that taste good and Sporty Energy shots are no exception.  I can’t lie to you, these shots smell like old tennis shoes and the taste is pretty awful.  I had 4 co-workers take a sniff and sample the taste and they all agree these are nasty! But to be fair I have not found an energy shot that tasted good.  The quote of “Shockingly great taste” could be correct IF it just said “Shocking Taste”!

It’s amazing how different these drinks are when compared to each other.  The real sugar 16oz version is great tasting and enjoyable, the energy shots are just nasty.

Diet Rubyy

7 months after the release of Rubyy there is now a diet version for all you low carb drinkers out there!  I haven’t had a chance to sample this drink but if it’s like the regular version it should taste pretty good.


Diet Rubyy

Diet Rubyy is the first diet, ultra-premium luxury energy drink developed to appeal to sophisticated, stylish tastemakers. Each 12 oz. bottle has only 25 calories and 4 grams of sugar.

How is Diet Rubyy Different?

Taste: Diet Rubyy blends a life-quenching, lightly carbonated infusion of blood oranges, tangerines and Valencia oranges with a classic blend of caffeine, taurine andguarana extract for a taste that is like no other diet energy drink. It is delicious right out of the bottle or blended into a signature cocktail.

Packaging: Diet Rubyy is the first diet energy drink to take appearance seriously. Its opaque white bottle is crafted from 100% recyclable, cold-conducing aluminum skin, which chills faster and stays cold longer, so you can always enjoy Diet Rubyy at its ideal temperature.

Positioning: Diet Rubyy is not a Red Bull substitute. It’s for the sophisticated tastemaker who appreciates the finer things.

Arizona Green Tea – Energy Drink

Arizona Energy green teaToday we busted open an Arizona Green Tea Energy out of the fridge.

*Very faint aroma upon opening, maybe fruit/tea

*Mild carbonation

*Cloudy carmel tan color (no very pleasing)

*This drink lacks quite a bit in the flavor department… has “tea” taste but not enjoyable. (4/5 on the sampling panel did not care for it)

*Once you swallow this drink, there is a very bitter aftertaste

* Purchased for $.60 @ Big Lots

*There really isn’t much to discuss on this drink

*I don’t recommmend this to anyone unless you get it for free

Mt.Dew vs Moutain Dew throwback

Today we have a head to head showdown between Mountain Dew.

Dew showdowndew1

I am a huge Mt Dew fan and I just saw this new “throwback” version at Target last night.  A 12 pk of the throwback will set ya back $4.49, but that was the same price as the regular Pepsi and dew at Target.  The logo on the can takes ya back to the 70’s and 80’s era and you get go old sugar as the sweetener!

Current Dew uses high fructose corn syrup as a sweetener and has 46g of sugar per serving.  I noticed a higher level of carbonation and more of a syrupy texture vs the throwback.

Throwback Dew uses old school sugar and has 44g of sugar per serving.  I really enjoyed the smooth sweet taste throwback provides.  Even though there are 2g less sugar per can I feel it tastes sweeter than the current dew.

Overall I think Throwback is the hands down winner:

  • Smooth taste
  • Natural sugar
  • Sweeter flavor
  • Same 54mg of caffeine
  • 2 less grams of sugar
  • 50 grams of sodium (65g in current dew)

Deton8 Energy

I know it’s been a while since I posted a review but it’s been crazy at work and let’s get back to business.

Deton8This fine Deton8 Energy drink came from a C-store down in Georgia that had the cashier enclosed in bullet proof glass!

First crack of the can and you get the common Red Bull aroma that we are all so familiar with!
D8 has an orange’ish gold color
Fruitier tasting than Red Bull
Has more carbonation at the back of tongue
Finishes really clean –  less than 15 seconds
Decent lookingl can – black with green explosion
A guest taster in the EDG labs felt this would go great with vodka

D8 is kinda spare on the ingredients, no vitamins, ginseng, guarana ect… it’s good tasting drink with 76mg of caffeine.  if you need maximum energy for a late night road trip, this is NOT your drink.

Ingredients: Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, malic acid, taurine,
Sodium citrate, natural and artificial flavor, caffeine, potassium benzoate (a pre-
servative), Inositol, niacin amide (vitamin B3), caramel color, D-calcium
pantothenate (vitamin B5), Pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), Yellow 5,
Red 40, cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12)

MotoGP satellite squad becomes Monster Yamaha Tech 3

Looks like Monster is back in the MotoGP arena for 2009. Rossi has signed a personal deal with them for a “M” claw on his helmet…. BUT now Monster will have 2 full sponsored machines on the grid!!!
Yamaha’s Tech 3 satellite team have reached a two-year title sponsorship agreement with energy drink brand Monster, which will see the squad rebranded as Monster Yamaha Tech 3 from the 2009 season onwards.
The team, headed by Herve Poncharal and running riders Colin Edwards and James Toseland, have been one of the more successful satellite efforts in recent seasons, and now have the strong backing of America’s number one by-volume sales energy drink factory behind them as they attempt another strong campaign in the MotoGP premier class. Their bikes will be decked out with the Monster Energy M-Claw logo, most recently placed on Yamaha factory rider Valentino Rossi’s helmet in a personal sponsorship deal.
“It’s great to be linked with a growing brand such as Monster Energy, which has such a strong image and a big profile,” says Poncharal of the agreement. “Monster are very keen to support MotoGP and I’m sure that our partnership will prove to be very successful. Our aims are to go even better than in 2008, and thanks to this agreement we are highly motivated to do so.”
The attraction of sponsoring the team was explained by Monster Energy President Mark Hall, with the personalities involved in the project giving strong pulling power to the project.
“Both Colin and James have built huge followings throughout their careers and they are extremely popular riders, so Monster Energy is pleased to become part of their continued efforts through our partnership with the Tech 3 Yamaha team for the upcoming ‘09 MotoGP season,” comments Hall.
“Tech 3 has a highly successful track record as one of MotoGP’s premier teams and will provide a solid platform for Monster Energy as we continue to develop our brand image globally.”