Bacchus-D comes in a 100 mL glass bottle, product of Korea and manufactured for Dong-A America Corp for US distribution. This drink has a dark yellow color, is non carbonated and has a strange aroma that is hard to describe once you screw the top off.

Bacchus contains royal jelly, what is royal jelly you say? Royal jelly is a honey bee secretion that is used in the nutrition of the larvae. So basically a bunch of bees puked in this drink.

This drink has a strong taste with hints of pineapple and/or apple… but that strong taste comes with a pretty brutal aftertaste that hangs around for a while. It’s probably not a bad drink but it was just not working for me !

The most amazing thing about this drink:

2000 mg of taurine in 3.3 oz.

Most 16 oz energy drink usually have approximately 2000 mg of taurine, thats almost 5x the taurine content and I assume that’s why this drink gave me the shakes (and gave me a slight headache)!!

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  1. Smith

    This drink does not come in a can. It also doesn’t give you the “shakes” . I hate when people do not know what they are talking about.

  2. Priest

    I picked up some of this at a small Asian grocer before making a delivery. At .99 cents a bottle, it beat the other energy drink prices for what it’s contents contained.

    It has a strong tangy taste – think of sweet tarts.

    The feel from it is fairly immediate. It’s less “jolting” than other energy drinks I’ve had, and it seems to have a longer than average “keep awake” time (the main reason I drink energy drinks).

    In my opinion, considering the cost, this is one of the better energy drinks on the market.

    Just as an aside – I didn’t experience any unwanted effects or “shaking” after consumption.

  3. EG

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  5. Ray

    Bacchus is the shit. Been drinking it for years now, and newsflash it actually seems to work. Red Bull and others like Monster I have tried have never done anything for me but Bacchus seems to do the trick. Personally, I like the taste and don’t see anything wrong with it. Has kind of a weird aftertaste that I can see how people dislike it but it grows on you.

  6. Brian

    It was a very popular pick-me-up, bar-hopping-extender, and hang-over remedy among U.S. troops stationed in Korea when I was there in the late ’80s. I never thought of it as being “radical” as a stimulant, but more of a “health” drink supplement to oil the gears of one’s metabolism. The taste was unusual, but not at all bad to me. When I first smelled/tasted Red Bull, I instantly had a memory flashback to it, although I seem to think that Bacchus was “thicker.” Most Americans were under the initial impression that if not actually illegal ( for military personnel ) it was still something to be sampled in private. Maybe it had a better placebo-type effect because of that.

  7. Keith

    The can version is only available to military same as a few other drinks that are normally glass bottle such as Bawls. The drink retails for 74cents each for normal or by case at 6.99 (10). Main reason this was created was to get rid of hangovers and a quick pickup for energy with no draggy after effect as most energy drinks full of sugar. The only negative effects you should have is if you are allergic to one of the ingredients or have high blood pressure.

  8. Creeper

    There is no “CAN” version of this drink Kieth. Period. End of discussion.
    I like Brian was stationed in the pacific in the late 80’s and Bacchus is exactly as he claims it to be. When we went to Korea from the Philippines, I would buy a case of this stuff and toss it underneath my cot in tent-city.

    After extended nights of So-Ju, snake-Ju, mother-whales and a ton of Korean women duty called and if it werent for downing two bottles in the morning, I dont think Iwould of made it out if the Military with an honorable discharge. Miracle in a bottle as far as I can tell!!!

  9. David K

    THERE IS A CAN VERSION CREEPER. Why would you deny a claim if you have no idea? While looking for pictures through Google images, the first result was from this site. Type key words: ‘bacchus energy can’ and you will find it.

    I’ve been drinking it for months now after purchasing it at the store my mom works at for my late night study sessions. It is similar in taste as Red Bull with the carbonation, as well as the size/dimensions. The best deal for energy drinks IMO. To my disappointment, however, it hasn’t been restocked for the last 2 months now.

  10. Merebookmonkey

    I had a bottle of this stuff today, it gave me both shakes and major chills. I don’t know what’s up with this stuff, but I suppose it did serve its purpose in energizing me. The aftertaste is gross though…

  11. US Mid-Atlantic East Coast Resident

    This stuff is awesome. I bought a case on a whim while visiting an international grocer. It’s pretty thick, but I have to say the effects are pretty good. It doesn’t give you the jitters the way 2 or 3 cans of Red Bull will give you. It definitely has some stimulant qualities, but it is hard to explain – perhaps more aware, sight seems to be heightened as well as reaction and thinking time. There is no caffine listed in the ingredients, but for some reason, there is ethanol in the drink. Can you use this drink to power your car? Perhaps. :o)

    The taste is delicious. Its like heavy fruit syrup. Apples, peaches, strawberry flavors, all packed into a light syrup. I quite like it.

  12. doy

    yes, you’re right gnobbster, there is a bacchus can variant. We are distributing it in the Philippines, as a matter of fact.

  13. PWags

    I love this stuff
    I downed a bottle before wrestling practice (wich was easy because of its convenient size) and I was going strong for the next hour and a half of exausting drills. it did just what i wanted and ontop of that its cheap enough for me to use every morning what more could one ask for?

  14. Jete

    I bought this stuff in a little Korean grocery in NYC before my nightly workout.

    At $1.29 it was a steal. I did a hard hour of cardio and had great energy the whole time.

    Really didn’t notice the aftertaste. If you don’t like it, chew a piece of gum.

    Didn’t get the shakes or jitters. Much better than Red Bull. I might start carrying this in my pocket and adding it to my Vodka drinks in the bar. The small size allows you to carry it with you.

  15. theDevilWithin

    i love this stuff, discovered it in a little asian grocery store near my skool and have been drinking it since.
    i have noticed that it gives u a great boosdt of ebnergy and then lets u back down gently. that way you dont get the massive down after red bull and V, although i like the taste of redbull more, i dont mind this stuff. a bit of gum will fix it for anyone that doesnt like it

  16. Alan

    you guys are wasting your money buying it for a dollar. ive been buying in boxes of ten for only $4!!!

    shop around.

  17. Alan

    You just gotta shop around.
    Check all your local world markets/asian stores.
    I got it for that price from a Korean store in Chicago, a few in western mass, and anywhere in South Korea. in Korea, individual bottles sell for around 40 cents. I thought $4 a box was a pretty standard price but I guess you guys are paying a lot more. I’ve always bought it in ten packs and I’ve never paid more than 5 or 6 dollars.

  18. Steven Murphy

    I have been drinking this since 1981 when I found it in Okinawa. It is also very popular in Japan. I never had shakes or a big let down like with the current crop of energy drinks. If you’ve ever read the label you will also notice a form of liquid nicotine. Also oriental drinks use the pulp and juice of the guarana berry, unlike most american drinks which use a powder made from the ground up seeds. The only american drink to use the juice was not on the market for long, Jasta by Pepsi. It was ahead of it’s time, but the company still refuses to remarket it because cost is greater to make it.

  19. funnypants

    I love this drink. It really works for me and it never gives me the shakes, which is pretty amazing since i’m under 100 lbs.

  20. jinkang

    excuse me. actually Bacchus is started from Korea spelled “박하스” and this actually effects our brain heavily. you better not drink frequently ; it damages your left brain get you’ll not get enough thinking. and mostly grandfathers and grands drink this because their old. im not saying this is a bad drink or criticizing, but beware. it tastes good but see the facts guys..,

  21. Chill

    #12 Brian, I agree with you and a few others that have had this back in the mid 80’s. Then again they let us drink Soju also.
    #34, what do you mean it damages your left brain, do you have data to show, I only ask because this stuff was great for a couple of things…1 was preventing hangovers…I can see how braincells can be killed because people drink more(alcohol), but this drink back then was looked at more of like vitamins.

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