Bomba Energy

Want to try and drink a hand grenade?  If so then buy yourself a Bomba, this killer 250ml glass bottle with pull tab gets
2 thumbs up for marketing design!

Bomba has a flat cola appearance when poured into a glass but delivers a fruity aroma.
First sip of Bomba and holy efff that is friggin tart, WOW!  If you are having this drink to wake your
ass up then the first sip shock will do that alone!  If you stick just the tip of your tongue in to Bomba is has a pretty sharp fizz that is interesting.

Bomba produces a prune juice like flavor that brings along some cottom mouth and aftertaste.

The goodie list for Bomba only contains taurine 100mg, caffeine 63mg and vitamins… I was expecting to see
more ingedients but I guess thats why there wasn’t much of a pick me up with Bomba!

The bottle is cool, the drink is not.

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  1. Drew

    i have to say, EDG, that i am excited to see you are going to celebrate your 1-yr. anniversary soon!

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