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Starbucks Cinnamon Dulce

We were very pleased with the first batch of Starbucks Energy + Coffee drinks and now they are introducing a new flavor to the lineup!


Today we cracked open a can of Cinnamon Dulce and was greeted with coffee aroma similar to the other SBX drinks and a very slight hint of cinnamon. Once poured into a glass this drink looks THICK and RICH with a deep caramel color.

The first sip I took was rather rough…. (NOTE: EDG is a not a fan of cinnamon) I noticed a strong cinnamon taste and almost thought I was sipping out of an ashtray…. A few more sips later the ashtray/cinnamon taste was going away and it became more drinkable! I had another colleague (who enjoys cinnamon) sample this drink and he liked it start to finish.

I could drink this again BUT I would prefer one of the other Starbucks Energy drinks. I’m sure plenty of people out there will really enjoy this drink!

List of the good stuff:
– 1800mg Taurine
– 180mg Inositol
– 325mg Ginsing
– 90mg Guarana
– 450mg L-Carnitine
– 2000mg Maltodextrin

If you like cinnamon + coffee I highly recommend you try this drink once it hits the market on Jan 22, 2009.

Red Bull Cola

Red Bull Cola is starting to show up in various markets across the US and I was able to score myself 2 cans to sample!!  $1.29 for the 250mL can and $1.69 for 12 oz can.

Let crack open the red pull tab (click the tab image for a full size image) that has the cut out bull logo in it and see what this stuff smells like….. FLAT SODA, yup smells just like an open can of cola that sat in the fridge for a few days.

Red Bull Cola has the color of murky iced tea and it’s very foamy when poured into a glass (similar to Pepsi but not that foamy).  The funny part about the foamy appearance is that onec you take a sip there is not much carbonation on your tongue….

I also want to add that RB Cola would make a great holiday beverage since it has a slightly “spicy” flavor to it… (cinnamon, cloves, ect…)  I myself do not like cinnimon or clove tasting items so this drink doesn’t really appeal to me, but I would drink a FREE can if got one!

Red Bull Cola is all natural ingredients and starts off with water, sugar and carbon dioxide!!!  No HSFC here!  Every ingredient on the list you can read and know what it is.

• no phosphoric acid
• no preservatives
• no artificial flavors.

I was expecting a sweeter taste but was greeted with a slightly tart or bitter taste.

As for the energy kick, I would say its less than a standard red bull.

Made in Switzerland!

Frappio Espresso Latte

I have reviewed Frappio in the past but they have released a new can design I wanted to share with you.

I am still not a huge fan of any of the coffee energy drink but I’ll let you decide.

Frappio Espresso Latte (iced coffee with Ashwangandha) Ingredients: Brewed Coffee, milk, sucrose, natural and artificial flavor, sodium bicarbonate, pectin, dipotassium phosphate, caffeine, carrageenan, Ashwangandha.  Not a real inviting list of ingredients there…..

Frappio (Espresso Latte)

Frappio is gonna take a stab at the coffee energy drink segment with this ashwangandha infused espresso latte. Frappio is non carbonated, light brown in color, slight coffee aroma, taste like coffee grounds at first but then you get a taste of the milk and then the lingering coffee aftertaste on the tongue. If you pour it into a white dixie cup it will stain the cup really nice and leave a film behind. Frappio packs in the caffeine at 288 mg (15 oz can) and you will feel that for sure! This drink was $.60 at Big Lots; thats steal compared to $2 for a Java Monster! If you like coffee drinks I would say Frappio is worth a try and you decide for yourself!

Goods: milk, pure cane sugar, caffeine (288 mg) , ashwangandha root extract (which is supposed to give you energy boost with out the shakes) and vitamin A.



Starbucks Frappuccino

Today we have a different style entry….. it may not be classified as an energy drink but it’s what I am drinking this morning! This 13.7 oz bottle will run ya $2.00, so in that sense it’s similar to an energy drink price wise. I will admit, not every morning I have the taste for taurine, inositol and guarana 🙂 so if I am having one of those mornings I will stop and grab one of these foo-foo coffee drinks. I have one of my buddies that will ask “what is your husband drinking” if I tell him I bought one of these! (He doesn’t like energy drinks so I’m not sure how valid his comments are!)

I personally like the taste, they are easy to get (no waiting in line with coffee snobs) and the flavor isn’t too bad! This drink will give ya 130mg of caffeine so you get a nice little boost after sluggin’ one of these down!

Starbucks Frappuccino