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Steven Seagal’s Cherry Charge

Cherry ChargeI wonder if Chuck Norris will ever come out with an energy drink??? If so the Chuck Norris drink would kick Steven Seagal’s ass!

Cherry Charge Lightning Bolt (CCLB) gives off an Asian vibe with the writing on the can but not the best design out there. CCLB offers you 16oz of Juicy Juice cherry flavor packed with an interesting twist. This drink is like no other that you have tasted, I don’t know what it is but I am not sure if its a good thing either???

The minute you crack this can open it smells like Juicy Juice cherry, if you have had juicy juice before you know exactly what I mean… it is a very distinct aroma. CCLB offers a deep red color, mild carbonation and that first sip is not very pleasant. The only way I can describe this is a cherry flavor that turns into a plum aftertaste once you swallow this liquid. The taste gets a little better after a few swigs but I am will not be buying anymore of this drink….. I won’t be drinking anymore of this even if you give it to me!

The ingredient list for CCLB includes some rare finds like Tibetan goji berry, organic cane juice + Asian cordyceps but also gives you some of the usual suspects like caffeine, guarana, ginseng, ginko and B vitamins.

Feel free to sample this if you like… but remember that I warned you! 😉