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Bomba Energy

Want to try and drink a hand grenade?  If so then buy yourself a Bomba, this killer 250ml glass bottle with pull tab gets
2 thumbs up for marketing design!

Bomba has a flat cola appearance when poured into a glass but delivers a fruity aroma.
First sip of Bomba and holy efff that is friggin tart, WOW!  If you are having this drink to wake your
ass up then the first sip shock will do that alone!  If you stick just the tip of your tongue in to Bomba is has a pretty sharp fizz that is interesting.

Bomba produces a prune juice like flavor that brings along some cottom mouth and aftertaste.

The goodie list for Bomba only contains taurine 100mg, caffeine 63mg and vitamins… I was expecting to see
more ingedients but I guess thats why there wasn’t much of a pick me up with Bomba!

The bottle is cool, the drink is not.

Lost Cadillac

What we have here is a waste of $2.29

Lost Cadillac has a great looking can and you think this may be a lime flavored drink…… WRONG!

LC has an anti freeze green opague color that gives off a very non-inviting melon aroma . The first sip of LC has a salty taste (180mg sodium) followed by a horrid rotten melon taste that I can’t describe….. after you are LOST for words by this taste you are left with a heavy after taste and cotton mouth.

I really enjoyed Lost Energy original in the red, black and white can but not sure what happened with Cadillac.

There is not much more to review here and below is what I had to do with the rest of the can.

PS: Thanks to Courtney for spotting a major typo!

Radioactive Energy

Radioactive Energy (RE) comes in a 10.5 oz can with a vinyl overlay label. The label is pretty cool since it will glow in the dark BUT you need to hold the label to a light to “charge” it for a better view.

RE has a dull yellow color with no foamy head when poured into a glass. I really couldn’t smell a distinct aroma that was describable so I will call this a dull aroma.

Radioactive has a very sour / bitter taste that will really make you pucker up on that first sip. I did not find my first sip pleasant at all, I was ready to pour out the rest of the can….. RE is not sweet tasting by any means but it is very dry and has a blah aftertaste that I can’t pinpoint. GLOWRE is a very forgettable drink, it does not have an qualities that really make this stand out besides the name and label. I do have to mention that this drink gets SLIGHTLY better after the first few sips, but I would still have to rate this 5/10.

Save your $2 and pick a different drink!

Turn Left Energy

Turn leftToday we are sampling Turn Left Energy so get your ZZ Top turned on and lets go. (Damn that was a pretty cheesy opening line..)

TLE has a nice light gold color and a very faint citrus aroma when you take a sniff. The first sip you take reveals light carbonation and an artificial kiwi flavor that leaves a heavy film inside your mouth. Let a minute or so go by and you notice a strong aftertaste, dry cottonmouth and that lingering film.

This drink is not very refreshing due to the heavy DRY aftertaste. I am glad that I only paid $.50 at Big Lots for this beverage. I also think this drink has a windex or cleaner taste to it… something is just not right with TLE.

“Turn left twice and turn your day around” is their slogan… this drink will sure turn your day around but probably not in a positive way.

TLE has the standard complement of goodies:

NOS Fruit punch

NOS Punch

Seems to be a big run on “punch” flavor drinks lately…. But let’s get to it and start off 2008 with NOS Fruit Punch!

NOSFP comes in a red can with their trademark style logo and similar to the other drinks in the NOS family. When you first crack open this can it gives you a strong Hawaiian Punch aroma that makes you wonder if this really is an energy drink….. Now that you’re done sniffing lets take a swig and see what we get: we start with medium carbonation that lightly tingles your tongue, the flavor has some bite on the back of your tongue and it changes as it sits in your mouth. I would venture to say that NOSFP tastes like a generic fruit punch flavor that has hints of cherry near the end. I was totally stoaked after drinking Rockstar Punched so NOSFP had some big shoes to fill and NOS totally let me down… I was not pleased with this drink, you will be better off with a RS punched or even a BooKoo Punch.

Cottonmouth…. unfortunately NOSFP will give you some cottonmouth and that is not very refreshing or thirst quenching.

Overall I was rather disappointed with this drink!

BooKoo Punch

bookoo punch It’s Friday and we are sampling a BooKoo punch this morning!  BooKoo comes in a 16oz can and has a red/blue color combo that looks good.

Once we crack this can open you get that standard fruit punch aroma similar to Hawaiian Punch!  When i first tasted this it gave me a metal-like taste on my mouth, does BooKoo grind up some aluminum foil to put in this drink?  You will notice the medium carbonation and the tingly bite on your tongue after a few swigs.  This drink has made me add a new category called “cotton mouth”!  Once you swallow this drink the drying effect sets in and now you’re thirsty.  BooKoo is not a thirst quenching beverage by any means, it’s actually a pretty disappointing drink in my books and rough on your throat.  This gets at least 1 thumb down from me!

BKP does include 2060mg of taurine and 206mg of Ginseng.