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Monster Energy Monorail

Monster Energy is up for advertising on just about anything these days! I was just in Vegas for a convention and the monorail looks pretty cool! When you are inside they have a video playing with various Monster sponsored athletes (BMX, Moto-X ect….)

They also have a Monster vending machine that sells the 16oz cans for $2. Now that’s one of the best deals in Vegas. NYNY hotel was selling 8oz cans of Redbull for $4.25

I was hoping to find some new drinks out there but nothing new or interesting…… 🙁

EDG wants you! – Omega Energy

Do you have an odd ball drink that you really love but don’t find many people that share your same feeling? EDG wants to hear from you about your good ‘ol standby!! Send me over something good and I’ll even post it up as a guest entry! 🙂 Send your entries to energydrinkguru {at} gmail {dot} com.


One of my old time favorites has been discontinued by Fuse 🙁 it was Omega Energy (Mango Passionfruit). My buddy Rob introduced me to this fine nectar and it was an instant hit in my energy drink book! This drink was the perfect compliment to a draggin’ ass Monday morning, fresh vibrant orangy passionfruit flavor that just got ya going even before the taurine and ginseng hit ya! This drink was in the #1 position for quite some time in my ratings book. Rockstar Guava is in my current top 3 along with Omega but not quite sure if it takes the win.

It’s just not the same anymore with Omega in the fridge!  If you have seen Omega in you r area please drop me a line, I need to get me some more!!!!!!!!

Time for bed, I’m outta here for tonight!

Japan-Tokyo Energy

JAPAN ENERGYToday we have a no name drink that we will call “Japan energy”! This was purchased at an Asian market in Seattle for $1.50 This drink comes in a 100 mL brown glass bottle with a screw top cap and lots of Japanese writing on it. I went to the website listed but they did not have an English translation.

Japan energy has a vitamin smell to it once you crack the cap, maybe like those liquid filled vitamin E capsules or a Centrum. It’s a strong smell that will grab your nose right away! JE is a non carbonated, has a deep gold color and seems to be a thicker consistency than your normal energy drink. It’s not cough syrup thick but just in between them.

This may not have the consistency of cough syrup….but it sure does have a medicine taste that is pretty strong and lays on your tongue heavy!

To be honest, I am not even sure if this is an energy drink 🙂 This may be some Japanese cough syrup for all I know?

I think you will be fine if you pass on this drink, I really don’t even know what this stuff was and I am not drinking it again!

Starbucks Frappuccino

Today we have a different style entry….. it may not be classified as an energy drink but it’s what I am drinking this morning! This 13.7 oz bottle will run ya $2.00, so in that sense it’s similar to an energy drink price wise. I will admit, not every morning I have the taste for taurine, inositol and guarana 🙂 so if I am having one of those mornings I will stop and grab one of these foo-foo coffee drinks. I have one of my buddies that will ask “what is your husband drinking” if I tell him I bought one of these! (He doesn’t like energy drinks so I’m not sure how valid his comments are!)

I personally like the taste, they are easy to get (no waiting in line with coffee snobs) and the flavor isn’t too bad! This drink will give ya 130mg of caffeine so you get a nice little boost after sluggin’ one of these down!

Starbucks Frappuccino

High fructose corn syrup (what is it)

cornWhat is high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)? HFCS is found in many soft drinks, energy drinks and even sports drinks…. but what exactly is this stuff?

HFCS is a type of sweetener that is made from corn grown here in the US. Regular table sugar is composed of 50 % fructose and 50 % glucose. HFCS 55 (which is normally used in soft drinks) contains 55 % fructose and 45 % glucose. will give you the lowdown on how corn is processed if you are bored and nothing else to search for!

*HFCS is cheaper that sugar since the US is loaded with corn.

*HFCS allows products to maintain a longer shelf life and protects freshness.

*HFCS is easier to mix into beverages since its a liquid.

*HFCS does not contain any artificial substances.

There is still some controversy about if HFCS is natural or is it safe… I’ll leave that up to you to decide! Go to the fridge and grab yourself a drink and take a look on that label for HFCS! 😉

Moutain Dew Game Fuel

After your first sip of Game Fuel there is one word that comes to mind….. SUGAR. There are 77 grams of sugar in a 20 oz bottle and you can tell that by the film left on your teeth. GF has a deep orange color, very little carbonation, super sweet fruity taste with a hint of cherry and a “filmy” aftertaste in your mouth.

You may find this “limited edition” beverage on sale for under $1, if so you can try it but I wouldn’t pay over a buck for this. Stick with the original dew!

List of goodies: Caffeine (121 mg), bromated vegetable oil, high fructose corn syrup and yellow #6 (not a very impressive list)

Game Fuel

Sobe Box drinks

These are some drinks I dug out of my archives from 2003.  I don’t really recall what they tasted like but I know the Love Bus Brew was not to my liking.  These were interesting 11oz paper cartons / boxes… almost similar to a drink box.