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Guru Energy

Guru EnergyToday we had the chance to sample some Guru Energy! Guru comes in your standard 250 mL bullet can, has an interesting red/silver theme with block lettering. Guru claims to be 100% natural and certified organic.

Guru has a deep gold color, mild carbonation and a very unique flavor that I find hard to describe… maybe a grapefruit mixed with ginger ale? The taste is somewhat tart and sour and it hits you on the roof of your mouth a little bit. Guru defiantly has a dry aftertaste once the tingle on your tongue disappears. I picked up the can to look at it about an hour later, took a sniff and it smell just like cotton candy inside that can!!

Guru contains sparkling water, organic white grape + cane juice, guarana, caffeine, SALT, ginseng root, ginkgo biloba and echinacea. This is the first drink I have seen that comes with echinacea.

Overall it’s not a bad drink, i would have this again. I paid $2.25 at Whole Foods for this and though that was a bit steep. I would drink this more often if I could find it for a buck.