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Liquid Ice Energy

Today we had the great pleasure to sample Liquid Ice Energy.  We sampled the 12 oz regular and 8.3oz sugar free version.

First look produces a good looking 12 oz bullet can with wide mouth!  Once we crack this can open it produces an aqua sky blue color that is very pleasing!  There is a mild aroma that is hard to describe, it doesn’t have that “taurine energy” smell that most ED’s do.

When Liquid Ice hits your tongue the first thing you are thinking is SMOOTH, I haven’t tasted an energy drink this smooth before!  You can see carbonation bubble on the side of the glass and you expect the micro bubble assault on your tongue but NO, it’s that friggin’ smooth!  After you slug this down you will get a slight non-offensive drying taste on your tongue.

Liquid Ice does not taste like your standard baby aspirin energy drink, it’s a hard flavor to describe but maybe like a faint citrus background and a hint of some berry maybe?  Either way this is a very tasty beverage, I was impressed! Liquid Ice will give you that afternoon pickup you are looking for and I didn’t notice any crash afterwards!

The sugar free version was an 8.3oz white can with same style graphics.  I am not huge a fan of sugar free drinks but it still had a good flavor (similar to the regular) but you get a little of that artificial sweetener dry aftertaste.

Energy Drink Guru Recommended !!!

AMP Energy Juice (Mixed Berry)

I love to sample great drinks on Friday and today was no exception!

AMP comes in a 12 oz plastic bottle with a resealable top and a plastic label sleeve. Lets crack this Mixed Berry version open and see what it’s made of… I noticed a regular juice aroma that was pleasing, you would not think this was an energy drink just by the smell. When you pour this into a glass it has a cloudy opaque color and you can see little bits of juice pulp in there (since it’s 100% juice)  First sip and you taste a very pleasing smooth juice beverage, there is no “energy” flavor to it and if it was server without the bottle I doubt anyone could tell!

I am huge Rockstar Guava fan for early mornings but I think I have just found a replacement for that fix!  AMP is great tasting and I got a nice little afternoon pickup and been still feeling good for the past 2 hours!

Made with 100% juice and no added sugar, AMP Energy Juice combines a stimulating blend of B (6 + 12) and C vitamins, taurine, ginseng, guarana and caffeine for those looking for an energy drink with all the added benefits of 100% juice!

AMP Juice was just released in Feb 2010, so look for it at your local store soon!  AMP Juice also comes in an Orange flavor.

EDG Recommended if you like juice drinks!

Neuro Fuel “New Formula” review update

We had reviewed the original Neuro Fuel back in Jan 2009 and it was just awful!!

I have numerous people email and comment to me that I had the “old” formula or a bad can and couldn’t see how I reviewed it so bad…. Neurofuel

Fast forward to December 2009: The kind folks at NF have sent me a few cans on the new formula to check out !!

The cans are labeled with “New Improved Flavor” just to make sure you know this is correct stuff.  I cracked this can open and things smelled better and I was excited to taste.  The aroma you smell isn’t exactly inviting but it’s no longer disgusting.  First sip you notice a sweet taste maybe a hint a grapefruit or citrus….. the flavor is strong and there is a significant aftertaste but it dissipates rather quick (less than 2 mins).

Overall the “improved formula” is much better than the original I sampled!  This stuff is drinkable and I now understand what people were talking about.

I will remove the “Do Not Buy” rating on Neuro Fuel 😉 Feel free to sample a can if you like!

Hydrive Energy – Blue Raspberry

Today we had a chance to sample some Hydrive Energy – Blue Raspberry (enhanced water energy drink).

Hydrive Blue

Hydrive comes in 5 different flavors (15.5 oz plastic bottle) and they all have a unique formula.  The Blue Raspberry is the Strength formula.

I love this color of this drink once poured into a glass, it has that rich pool water blue look, sorta like Windex!  Hydrive has a very faint aroma but if you do notice anything it may be a generic berry smell.

First sip is mellow, non carbonated and no overpowering flavors make this very easy to drink.  (For reference: Vitamin water has a stronger taste) I would have no problem slugging this down on a hot day, and it leaves only a light aftertaste!  This drink won’t help you much after a screaming late night party and you need to be at work @ 8am, but it will give ya little pep and quench your thirst!

  • 30 calories
  • Low sugar
  • B vitamins
  • Electrolytes
  • Amino Acids

Blood Energy Potion

Do you wanna be a hit at your Halloween or next Twilight party??  If so you need to score some Blood Energy Potion! (Click the pix for a nice high res version)

Blood Energy Potion

The folks over at Harcos have really hit a home run in the marketing department.

Blood Energy Potion comes in a cool IV transfusion style bag, thick blood like texture and iron like aftertaste to quench your lust for blood!

When you decide you have a thirst for blood, grab a bag and twist the cap, you will notice a pleasing Hawaiian Punch fruity aroma.  I poured some blood into a glass to check out the texture and consistency… The color and consistency look pretty good!!  The whole marketing concept is fantastic, I have a girl in my office that was to freaked out to try more than a sip.  If this was in a 8oz can and was called Fruit Power Explosion, people wouldn’t think twice about drinking this.  Now that you have your Blood Energy in your goblet, swirl it around to watch it coat the inside and then take sip, it has a thick texture that instantly coats your tongue and plays a mental mind trick with you as your are holding the IV bag…!!!!

Blood Energy Potion is available now without a prescription from, and will soon be available from retailers, including Hot Topic, Fry’s Electronics, Micro Center and ThinkGeek, among others.

People living with Bloodlust, or concerned about the possibility, can visit for tips, testimonials, or a diagnosis.

Those who may be experiencing Bloodlust and need urgent assistance can call the Bloodlust hotline at 310-526-FANG (3264) for a free consultation with one of Blood Energy Potion’s trained representatives.

Sport Energy

** UPDATE **

Sport Energy has been discontinued as of Nov 2009


Sport Energy is not going to win any art / design contest with the look of their can BUT I was excited to see the 16oz cans were made with real sugar!  I love sampling drinks made with real sugar compared to the HFCS!

Doo Drop: has the color of Mt Dew, aroma similar to gatorade, medium carbonation, tart flavor and a nice sweet taste that real sugar produces! Doo Drop was my favorite out of the bunch! EDG Recommended Sport Energy

Mango Cream: has the color of Tang, smells like Tang, the flavor is similar to Tang with added baby aspirin, first sip is a strong flavor assault on your tongue that I enjoyed!

Raspberry Cream: pale pink clear color, aroma is similar to cotton candy/cream soda, medium carbonation, good rich flavor start to finish, strong lingering taste.

Fruit Punch: transparent reddish-pink color, dead ringer for Hawaiian Punch, if you added carbonation to HP you would get Sport Energy Fruit Punch!  The sweet sugar grabs your tongue on that first sip, medium carbonation, this drink is a pleasure to drink.

The 16oz cans of Sport Energy include 1000mg of Taurine, 80mg of caffeine, 5mg of Guarana, 5mg of Ginseng and 43.5g of sugar per 12oz serving (less than Mt Dew). The energy boost you feel is similar to what you get from the big 3.

Shots: The 2.5oz sport energy shots are a whole different game……I know the “energy shot” market is exploding but I have yet to find many shots that taste good and Sporty Energy shots are no exception.  I can’t lie to you, these shots smell like old tennis shoes and the taste is pretty awful.  I had 4 co-workers take a sniff and sample the taste and they all agree these are nasty! But to be fair I have not found an energy shot that tasted good.  The quote of “Shockingly great taste” could be correct IF it just said “Shocking Taste”!

It’s amazing how different these drinks are when compared to each other.  The real sugar 16oz version is great tasting and enjoyable, the energy shots are just nasty.