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Berry CRUNK!!!


Today I am excited to crack open this new flavor in the CRUNK!!! series! Get ready to feast your eyes and taste buds on Berry CRUNK!!! (acai berry-flavored)

The Berry can is very similar to the CRUNK!!! series but in a purple color scheme but I personally like this can design the best.  Crunk still offers the 16 oz can and not 15 oz like some of the others are switching to.

When you first open up the can you get a pleasant grape juice aroma that is very inviting if you are drinking this first thing in the morning like me.  I poured some BC in a glass and saw a murky purple color (remember that Citrus CRUNK!!! had that murky color but a 5 star taste) and not a lot of carbonation present.

First sip produces a tart robust flavor that is very different (in a good way) from the standard juice energy drinks.  BC has a brief micro carbonation tingle on your tongue and leaves a slight aftertaste.  BC does not taste like an energy drink in any way shape or form!!  If you know someone who doesn’t like the ED taste but wants an energy boost, here is your drink!  Berry CRUNK!!! produces a nice little pick me up kick that is similar to what we saw in Citrus CRUNK!!!

Overall I am pleased with Berry but I still think Citrus has a slight edge in the long run but I would love to start my morning with a Berry CRUNK!!

If you are in an area where you can’t fiind Crunk at your local store, you can always purchase at the CRUNK!! online store.

Citrus CRUNK!!!

Hot into to EDG Labs we have some Citrus Crunk to review today!

This FULL 16 oz can is bright vibrant yellow calling your name to open it!  Let’s crack this beast open!

Upon opening you get a nice lemon juice aroma that reminds you of those small plastic lemon shaped juice containers.   Citrus Crunk displays a cloudy looking color similar to clam broth but smells MUCH better!

First sip will awaking your taste buds like a warhead candy and demands your attention! CC has very minimal carbonation and once you get past that first initial sour bit this is a tasty beverage.  We sampled this drink on a 92 degree day and ice cold Citrus CRUNK goes down smooth and is very refreshing.  If I poured this into a pitcher and served it at a picnic the guest would never guess it was an energy drink!  I did notice a nice little afternoon energy pick me up that carried me until dinner.

CC has a rich real lemon taste similar to old fashioned lemonade that hits the spot.

There is very minimal aftertaste and a slight film on your tongue but goes away quickly.

CC offers the kitchen sink when it comes to goodies: Ashwaganda, caffeine, ginkgo, ginseng, guarana, horny goat weed, inositol, licorice, green tea leaf, grape seed, skull cap, white willow bark and milk thistle!

With the summer heat in full force, if you serve Citrus CRUNK ice cold this gets 2 thumbs up!

EDG Recommended!


Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!! We are gonna sample some CRUNK!!! today. Whaaaaaaaat??

Lets crack open this 250mL can and see what we get…. first we see a murky / cloudy cranberry color that provides a decent aroma. Once you take a sip you will notice that CRUNK taste better than it smells. (that’s a good thing compared to some of the other drinks that fool ya with a great aroma) We found minimal carbonation, minimal aftertaste and a definitely unique flavor that separates CRUNK from the other “baby aspirin” energy drinks out there. The pomegranate juice may be the source for interesting flavor that arouses your taste buds. (I didn’t see a specific juice % content on the can)

CRUNK is loaded with the standard goods and all kinds of additional goodies: horny goat weed, ashwaganda, grape seed extract, milk thistle, ginko biloba, skull cap, white willow bark, damiana and black carrot extract (for color).

CRUNK is unique drink and is worth a shot if you haven’t tried it yet.

CRUNK!!! Energy Drink was co-created and launched in 2004 by the late beverage industry legend Sidney Frank, creator of Grey Goose vodka and founder of Sidney Frank Importing Company (importer of Jägermeister), along with Lil’ Jon, the Grammy award winning artist and producer who is still onboard with CRUNK!!! as Chief Brand Advisor.

Radioactive Energy

Radioactive Energy (RE) comes in a 10.5 oz can with a vinyl overlay label. The label is pretty cool since it will glow in the dark BUT you need to hold the label to a light to “charge” it for a better view.

RE has a dull yellow color with no foamy head when poured into a glass. I really couldn’t smell a distinct aroma that was describable so I will call this a dull aroma.

Radioactive has a very sour / bitter taste that will really make you pucker up on that first sip. I did not find my first sip pleasant at all, I was ready to pour out the rest of the can….. RE is not sweet tasting by any means but it is very dry and has a blah aftertaste that I can’t pinpoint. GLOWRE is a very forgettable drink, it does not have an qualities that really make this stand out besides the name and label. I do have to mention that this drink gets SLIGHTLY better after the first few sips, but I would still have to rate this 5/10.

Save your $2 and pick a different drink!

Rockstar Punched

Rockstar Punched

I am going to get straight to the point! THIS STUFF ROCKS! (no pun intended)

I was a huge Rockstar Guava fan but it looks like Punched is going to give it a run for the money! RS tropical punch makes Hawaiian Punch taste like water!

I really enjoy this drink, its refreshing, crisp, good robust flavor, nice inviting red/pink color,  mild carbonation and the best part is that it finishes cleans and no dry aftertaste!  If you are trying to decided between BooKoo Punch and RSP there is no contest, put that bookoo down and go straight for the RSP unless you enjoy cottonmouth!

RSP comes in a 16 oz can and also includes the red pull tab with the etched in RR on it.

The goodies include: 2000mg taurine, 300mg ginkgo, 240mg caffeine, 50mg guarana, 50mg inositol, 50mg ginseng and 40mg milk thistle.

Dead Red Xcelerator

Dead redListen up all you slackers that are running behind, is it time for an Excelerator?

Dead Red energy gives you a sharp taste, provides a nice heavy film on roof of mouth, hits ya in back of throat, offers a med-heavy carbonation that tingles your mouth pretty good, cotton mouth sets in about 5 seconds after you gulp this down.

This drink has a red/pink/fushia color and that generic fruit punch taste and aroma. I personally am not going to buy this drink again, luckily I only spent $.60 at big lots for this.  The can has a cool design and comes in a 12oz bullet can.

The “goods”: 1500 mg taurine, 37 mg inositol, 37 mg ginseng, 30 mg milk thistle and 22 mg ginko. (unknown amount of guarana and HFCS)

Did I mention this drink gives you serious cottonmouth?

Rockstar Juiced Guava

Rockstar GuavaToday we have another selection from the Rockstar “Juiced” line. Rockstar Guava has a pretty cool purple can with a diamond plate design and black/gold lettering.RS Guava has sweet fruity aroma when you crack the can open, pinkish/red color and mild carbonation. If you have ever flown on an inner island in Hawaii they give you these little 4 oz cups of guava juice and this drink will remind you of it.

RSG used to be 70% juice but that had been knocked down to 50% juice but the same great taste is still there! 🙂 I really enjoy this drink, you can crack one of these open first thing in the morning and serve it at breakfast (to people that say they don’t like energy drinks).

This drink really breaks out of the standard energy drink taste and brings a new flavor to the table! Props to Rockstar on this grade A winner! I rate this drink in my top 3 of energy drinks I have sampled!

Rockstar Juiced Pomegranate

Happy October 1st

Rockstar Pom is part of the Juiced collection of drink, I think it’s better than the original “juiced” which was the orange flavor. Pom contains 50% juice, has a nice deep burgundy red color, mild carbonation that tingles your tongue just right and a slight sweet aroma that greets you when you open the can up!

RSP has a nice sweet but dry taste that includes just the right amount of carbonation to fully enjoy this beverage. There is no real aftertaste that I can taste, this finishes clean and smooth. The pomegranate flavor may be to strong or tart for a whole 16oz can, I would love to see this drink in the standard 8.3oz bullet can (and sell it for $1). After 16 oz of this drink your tongue is shot and things don’t taste right for a while. I suggest splitting this can with someone at breakfast time 😉

The goods: 16 oz can – 160mg caffeine, 2000mg taurine, 50mg inositol, 50mg guarana, 300mg ginko biloboa, 50mg ginseng, 40mg milk thistle and B vitamins.

Rockstar Pom

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Velocity (Energy + Tea)

Velocity Energy TeaVelocity Energy Tea is brewed from black tea leaves using filtered water (no high fructose corn syrup here) and some natural flavors. VT has a deep gold color, non carbonated and mild fruit aroma that offers plenty of antioxidants!

I really enjoyed the Velocity Tea, it has a solid brewed tea flavor with a fruity overtone. The first sip may seem kinda strange but after that you really start to enjoy this fine beverage! Velocity gives you a nice little energy boost without the shakes!

VT contains a whole list of goodies: caffeine, guarana, taurine (2000mg), panax ginseng, inositol, ginkgo bilboba, grape seed, bee pollen, B vitamins, milk thistle and gotu kola.

Purchased 16 oz can at big lots for $.60 but this drink is worth $2/can!