Dead Red Xcelerator

Dead redListen up all you slackers that are running behind, is it time for an Excelerator?

Dead Red energy gives you a sharp taste, provides a nice heavy film on roof of mouth, hits ya in back of throat, offers a med-heavy carbonation that tingles your mouth pretty good, cotton mouth sets in about 5 seconds after you gulp this down.

This drink has a red/pink/fushia color and that generic fruit punch taste and aroma. I personally am not going to buy this drink again, luckily I only spent $.60 at big lots for this.  The can has a cool design and comes in a 12oz bullet can.

The “goods”: 1500 mg taurine, 37 mg inositol, 37 mg ginseng, 30 mg milk thistle and 22 mg ginko. (unknown amount of guarana and HFCS)

Did I mention this drink gives you serious cottonmouth?

2 thoughts on “Dead Red Xcelerator

  1. Veola

    where can you purchase Deed Xcelerator Energy Drinks? I have been tring to find them and have not been able to do so.


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