Energy drink sponsorships

Energy drink sponsorships are popping up all over the place…. motorcycle racing, car racing, airplanes, X games and you name it there is probably a Red Bull, Rockstar or Monster sponsorship somewhere at that event!

I am a huge MotoGP racing fan and there are a few racers in the series with energy sponsors; Hopper #21 has changed his energy sponsorship from Red Bull (2006 season) to Monster and I don’t even want to know what that cost!

Be sure to tune into SPEED channel this Sunday to watch the MotoGP race from Japan!

2 thoughts on “Energy drink sponsorships

  1. Nick

    I cant really say ive been waiting for something like this, but its really interesting to read your critques nd comments on these energy drinks, I suscribed and I hope to hear a lot more in the future!

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