Frappio (Espresso Latte)

Frappio is gonna take a stab at the coffee energy drink segment with this ashwangandha infused espresso latte. Frappio is non carbonated, light brown in color, slight coffee aroma, taste like coffee grounds at first but then you get a taste of the milk and then the lingering coffee aftertaste on the tongue. If you pour it into a white dixie cup it will stain the cup really nice and leave a film behind. Frappio packs in the caffeine at 288 mg (15 oz can) and you will feel that for sure! This drink was $.60 at Big Lots; thats steal compared to $2 for a Java Monster! If you like coffee drinks I would say Frappio is worth a try and you decide for yourself!

Goods: milk, pure cane sugar, caffeine (288 mg) , ashwangandha root extract (which is supposed to give you energy boost with out the shakes) and vitamin A.



2 thoughts on “Frappio (Espresso Latte)

  1. neb

    I just found this at Big Lots, as well, for only $0.60.

    The taste is very much like described, except I experience a twinge of tart sourness (much like other energy drinks) after it goes down.

    For $0.60, it’s certainly worth a try. It would be a good after lunch sipping beverage (if it were warmer outside).

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