Full Throttle Bad Mother

This drink is just BAD… I am sorry readers I can’t even review this!

FTBM is so friggin nasty, the smell of it when you crack the can is horrific and if you decide to taste it…. you’re in for a nasty surprise! You have been warned, avoid this drink!

This is the only thing you can do with FTBM:

5 thoughts on “Full Throttle Bad Mother

  1. Rave4Crave

    We’ve never had the pleasure. Thanks for the warning!

    Great website. Excellent reviews. Good humor. We like!

    Have you reviewed Crave Energy Drink yet?

    Let us know either way. We’re curious to see what you’ll say.

    Rob & Ravyin Nyte

  2. Dale E

    Wow, I’m pretty sure this stuff tastes exactly like a moldy ham and cheese sandwich that has been oozing in the afternoon sun

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