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go ape
This morning I stopped in at the local Circle K gas station to pick up a 32 oz Go Ape Energy fountain drink. Here is a picture that I snapped with my cell phone, nothing super crazy just an ape with a barbell…..
Go Ape is RED is color and would love to stain anything it touched including your tongue… The aroma reminds you of cherry Jello after you just dumped in the boiling water in… BUT the taste is similar to a strawberry Jello flavor and Go Ape packs a mean ass TART bite that will wake you up!! I must admit the tart bite is one of the features I like about this drink, the one thing I don’t care for is the slight dry taste that stays on the roof of your mouth! I am not sure what the ingredient list is for Go Ape but it must have some caffeine, taurine or guarana because it will give you a nice little boost!

The best part of Go Ape is—– $.59 for a 32 oz cup! That’s the best deal in energy drinks out there!

17 thoughts on “Go Ape Energy

  1. Jacob

    We have been trying to find the owners of the Go Ape energy drink for a while where I live. Indiana has a couple Circle K’s that sell Go Ape and my brother and I have started a little Go Ape fan club around here. If anyone knows about who makes this let me know.

  2. Theredbaron

    I have the same problem. I have only found it in Indianapolis. Since I live up in richmond, I can’t get it often. So I always bring a 2liter bottle with me whenever I to indy, and fill’er up.

  3. Erin

    i love go ape. we have it at circle k here in ohio. so its not just in indiana. but that stuff is kickass.

  4. GoApeFan

    we got it here at the K’s in Michigan or at least the one by me in ann arbor but try mixin that stuff with Mountain Dew! KICK ASS!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Nicki goes ape

    i tried this on a whim once from the circle k here in central IL so its a little more widespread than ohio and indiana. i love it, but some of the circle k’s dont have it so i get kinda depressed…. i have been looking all over the internet to find a different way to get it, but havent found anything yet…anyone have any ideas

  6. ally

    We have go ape in ashtabula ohio ther are 3 circle ks by me and only two have them. Its the best Im on my way to get one now.

  7. jason norman

    I’m an artist and was asked by Go Ape to draw art work for their 16oz can my problem is I can’t get in contact with them. I need a good contact number to set up a meeting to show them my designs. Any info would be great.

  8. Ryan

    Jason, If you do get in contact please do not draw a new “face” for go ape energy. There is nothing i want more then an Ape lifting a dumbell and holding a baseball at the same time. It adds to go apes greatness. This drink is amazing and fueled me all throughout college at Purdue. Gaming or studying this is the best energy drink on the planet. I now live in Tampa Bay florida and every once in a while I talk to one of my friends in Indiana and say man I wish I was there to get some Go Ape.

  9. Ryan

    Does anyone on here know where to find Go Ape. I wish I could contact the maker. Like I said in the post before this, I went to Purdue University, and they had a circle k on campus that had go ape. Now I moved to Tampa florida and I have been trying to find go ape every for a while. I don’t know if this drink is only found in north west states like indiana, illinios, michigan….so on. If anyone knows or has gotten any in florida please let me know, If not I guess I’ll just have to wait until i go back up north to taste the sweet nectar once again.

  10. Shelhamer

    Go ape is unreal and can only be rivaled by Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan is the end of all things. But if Michael Jordan wanted a polar pop, he’d make this concoction.

    1/2 Go Ape Energy
    1/4 Lemonade
    1/8 Sprite
    1/8 Red Slushee

    Believe me this is fucking glorious in all ways

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