Japan-Tokyo Energy

JAPAN ENERGYToday we have a no name drink that we will call “Japan energy”! This was purchased at an Asian market in Seattle for $1.50 This drink comes in a 100 mL brown glass bottle with a screw top cap and lots of Japanese writing on it. I went to the website listed but they did not have an English translation.

Japan energy has a vitamin smell to it once you crack the cap, maybe like those liquid filled vitamin E capsules or a Centrum. It’s a strong smell that will grab your nose right away! JE is a non carbonated, has a deep gold color and seems to be a thicker consistency than your normal energy drink. It’s not cough syrup thick but just in between them.

This may not have the consistency of cough syrup….but it sure does have a medicine taste that is pretty strong and lays on your tongue heavy!

To be honest, I am not even sure if this is an energy drink 🙂 This may be some Japanese cough syrup for all I know?

I think you will be fine if you pass on this drink, I really don’t even know what this stuff was and I am not drinking it again!

2 thoughts on “Japan-Tokyo Energy

  1. patrick

    No worries about drinking this one. The big letters on the front say something like “Ace Cap” perhaps? Definitely just the name of the drink. Underneath that it says “Vitamins B1, B2, B3, Taurine” Those are typical ingredients in any American energy drink. The only thing I’d worry about on this one is how bad it…and other Japanese “Vitamin Drinks” are for you :S

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