Jetset Energy Trio

This week we did some sampling of of the Jetset Energy mixer trio.

Jetset Ginger Ale: Jack Daniels was the selected spirit to compliment this fine mixer. Before mixing with the Jack a quick sip revealed a crisp taste with no aftertaste or film on the tongue.

Jetset Tonic: Tanqueray gin was used to sample this tonic and this was a great combo.

Jetset Club Soda: I am not a club soda drinker so i can’t tell what is good or bad but it mixed well with some cranberry juice I had!

It was hard to judge the true potential of these drinks since we mixed in some booze. 🙂

We have a new twist on the club scene for energy drinks…. move over Red Bull and vodka!

2 thoughts on “Jetset Energy Trio

  1. jeff

    Jetset Energy Drinks and Energy Mixers are available in California and Arizona. It is distributed by Southern Wine and Spirits. Is is sold in select clubs and bars Safeway, Vons, Bevmo and Fry’s. Look for it in the mixer aisle and next to Skyy Vodka in the Spirits Aisle.

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