Look inside EDG labs!

Hello readers, I am going to give you a quick peek inside the Energy Drink Guru labs! I have been drinking energy drinks for a few years now and it all started with an excel spreadsheet, my co-workers and few dixie cups. I would bring in a Red bull or a Monster and my co-workers would always ask: “do those really work” or “what do they taste like”…… One day I brought in a can of Monster, grabbed a few dixie cups from the water cooler and setup a make shift bar and I had everyone sample some Monster. As time went on I would bring in a Red Bull, Rockstar or whatever else I could find back in 2003 and I would record all my co-workers ratings in an excel spreadsheet and we’d compare notes every so often. We thought it was crazy once our spreadsheet reached 40 drinks!

Fast forward to Sept 2007…. I have sampled over 160 different energy drinks, I still have a lot of the cans (not sure why I’m saving them) and the energy market is exploding with new drinks every month! I now have friends, customers, co-workers and even some EDG readers bringing/sending in energy drinks that they found for me to sample. I would like to say THANKS to all of you that have donated to my habit!

EDG Labs

Hope all of you had a good 2007 and let’s see what 2008 brings!

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