Lost Cadillac

What we have here is a waste of $2.29

Lost Cadillac has a great looking can and you think this may be a lime flavored drink…… WRONG!

LC has an anti freeze green opague color that gives off a very non-inviting melon aroma . The first sip of LC has a salty taste (180mg sodium) followed by a horrid rotten melon taste that I can’t describe….. after you are LOST for words by this taste you are left with a heavy after taste and cotton mouth.

I really enjoyed Lost Energy original in the red, black and white can but not sure what happened with Cadillac.

There is not much more to review here and below is what I had to do with the rest of the can.

PS: Thanks to Courtney for spotting a major typo!

2 thoughts on “Lost Cadillac

  1. Christine

    So, you seem like an impartial judge. Have you reviewed Zrii? I would be interested to hear your comments.

    Yes, I am with the company. But I AM interested in your take on it!

  2. KamiKAze

    Total agree on you about a waste of money. It has been one of the worst energy drink i have had in the 260+ of them. I struggled to finish this 1 but i eventually managed to drink it all 3-4 hours later.

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