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Monster Mixxd Hot off the shelf from the local Speedway gas station, EDG is proud to bring you Monster Mixxd! Monster has just release another batch of new flavors and this is the first one (energy + juice) that I have found.

The can is very similar to the M80 design but with purple, not a bad looking can. The pull tab is black and has the “M” etched on it.

Lets crack this open and see what we get…. very little carbonation upon opening and minimal fizz when poured into a glass. Mixxd has a deep purple color that almost looks like a cola from certain angles and light conditions. The first swig of Mixxd is very interesting….. it reminds me of a diet cola mixed with prune juice. (yes, that bad) I had to call in a second opinion from my coworkers to confirm my findings and they all agreed on the prune juice flavor and smell. I have to admit that Mixxd gets better after a few swigs, that first one really shocks you!! I had left a few sips in my glass while I took some phone calls and I decided to drink that about 20 mins later. WOW, what a difference 20 mins made on this flavor! The horrible prune taste has disappeared and now we have smooth apple / grape taste that is smooth, finishes cleans and no aftertaste at all! I didn’t know energy drink were like fine wine, we have to sample certain type at specific temperatures! ๐Ÿ™‚

Mixxd includes all your standard goodies that previous Monster drinks had (taurine, ginseng, B vitamins, guarana, inositol and L-carnitine)

Overall I rate this as an average drink, I will not be running out to buy more but if someone gave me a can I would be more than happy to drink it.

If you don’t like it….. Monster will refund your $$$ (Limit 1 refund per customer)

22 thoughts on “Monster Mixxd

  1. Drew

    sounds like they took some Dr. Pepper and mixed it in….
    That said, i don’t know that i have the patience to wait for my energy drink to taste good.

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  3. slamfan4life

    where do i return this stuff?? i went back to speedway but they said to go to the monster site……i didnt find anything on the site either

  4. mixxdup

    tastes like RC cola mixed with a hint of grape and something else i cant quite put my finger on…i like it, it’s pretty good.

  5. Enery Drink Guru Post author

    I can find Mixxd at my local grocery store and gas stations. I am not sure where you live at but I have seen it readily available @ various locations in MI, OH, PA, WV, NV and NY. Keep looking, it’s worth the try!

  6. ShaggE

    I like Monster, but this MIXXD crap is the worst drink I’ve ever tasted. And it actually gets worse the more you drink it. Even Upshot tastes better than this. I’m ready for that refund they promised, plus a little extra for the taste bud trauma.

  7. Courtney

    Personally, I love this drink.
    I’m currently drinking a 24 oz. =)
    This is my 5th in the last two days, too.

  8. Brad

    The new Mixxd is pretty good. I’ve sampled MANY flavors, brands, and sizes of energy drinks, and this would actually make it on my top 5 best tasting, contrary to some other opinions.

  9. David

    It hasnt come to Canada yet but by the looks of things I’m not really looking forward to it, not all into the grape/prune thing. Maybe Monster should consider making a Cola styled drink, Id give that a try!

  10. JM

    So I just found one of the Mixxd in a gas station store and had heard about it and had to try it. The smell and first sip really does remind one of some of the messed up (aka cheap alcohol and cheaper mixers) drinks we used to make back in undergrad. But it also had a slight cough syrup taste at first.

    After a few sips it began to taste a little better, it has less fizz and less bite then regular monster but the odd taste still slows you down from chugging it. M-80 beats Khaos and Mixxd in the monster juice area.

    I can’t say its terrible, but at the same time it seems like too many flavors competing for your taste buds. People will either love it or hate it and it probably won’t last long. Not the best out there but I give Monster credit for seeing what would happen throwing a bunch of flavors in.

  11. dood

    ive had this b4
    its the best monster next 2 assault
    sum places like hy-vee dont sell it tho ๐Ÿ™

  12. Simon

    I had a Monster Mixxd today and it has recently arrived in Canada after much speculation. It’s kinda okay, like the other poster said – it tasted like cough syrup at first….

    other than that, Mixxd is quite good.

  13. taylor

    ive only had it once i didnt care for it i personnaly like the regular it is my favorite 1 but it is the only kind i really drink.

  14. Marf

    Well, I tried most monster cans and it’s the worst of them so far.

    Next time i’ll just buy some grape juice and it will be basicly the same.
    It’s average.

  15. Pandas

    i actually like it…its really good <3

    shoot its getting pretty much addicting!….its good! i love it

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