Moutain Dew Voltage

voltageI just found this at the grocery store last night and had to give it a try. Mountain Dew Voltage – Charged with raspberry citrus flavor and ginseng.

I am guessing this is standard Dew that they added a new flavor and some ginseng. The sugar content is still 76g for a 20 oz bottle which is the same as regular Dew.

Voltage has a ROBUST flavor that stimulates every taste bud in your mouth!!! I was surprised at the level of flavor Voltage delivered. I want to describe the flavor as blue… if you ever tasted any blue drinks this what came to mind. Lets now really focus and see what flavor we can taste…. I am tasting some generic berry with little bit of tart. I really can’t pinpoint the flavor of this drink past berry but it has a solid huge taste that will make you say “DAMN!”

I didn’t notice any energy boost over a standard Dew. I would not buy this again but I was glad I did try it just so I witness the flavor explosion Voltage delivers.

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2 thoughts on “Moutain Dew Voltage

  1. Stephen

    I used to love mountain dew, until I realized it all contained brominated vegetable oil. This junk can persist in the body for years after it’s ingested, if you accumulate enough of it you can get a disease called bromism.

    This mountain dew looks like… windex.

    If you want to see a truly new and innovative beverage take a look at what I’m currently developing at it’s a carbonated soft drink like none you’ve ever seen before

  2. ParkerK

    Hahah, yes Voltage is quite blue indeed. As for pinpointing the flavor, may I suggest that the flavor is akin to that of a Blue Raspberry ICEE? It’s nice to see that Mountain Dew still has fun promos like this.

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