Mtn Dew Game Fuel

Attention World of WarCraft Gamers, we have something here for you. Mountain Dew® is proud to introduce Game Fuel, two limited-time-only flavors inspired by the hit video game World of Warcraft.

Horde Red:”Dew with a blast of citrus cherry flavor” Has a deep orange color with the aroma of Triaminic orange cough syrup.  First sip you take is a tad bitter, mild carbonation and taste similar to the Triaminic cough syrup. (I used to love that stuff when i was a kid). I did taste a little bit of  a dry cherry flavor but that disappears quickly.  Don’t plan on chugging this drink, you need to sip this while your game loads up.

Alliance Blue: “Dew with a punch of wild fruit flavor” has a deep sea INTENSE BLUE color but there is not real pronounced aroma that I smelled.  First sip generates a mildly carbonated super sugary sweet Popsicle fruit flavor that is hard to describe.  The fruity flavor is mild and dissipates quickly with minimal aftertaste.  I would drink this again!

*121mg of caffeine and 76g of sugar in the 20 oz bottle

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