Neuro Fuel “New Formula” review update

We had reviewed the original Neuro Fuel back in Jan 2009 and it was just awful!!

I have numerous people email and comment to me that I had the “old” formula or a bad can and couldn’t see how I reviewed it so bad…. Neurofuel

Fast forward to December 2009: The kind folks at NF have sent me a few cans on the new formula to check out !!

The cans are labeled with “New Improved Flavor” just to make sure you know this is correct stuff.  I cracked this can open and things smelled better and I was excited to taste.  The aroma you smell isn’t exactly inviting but it’s no longer disgusting.  First sip you notice a sweet taste maybe a hint a grapefruit or citrus….. the flavor is strong and there is a significant aftertaste but it dissipates rather quick (less than 2 mins).

Overall the “improved formula” is much better than the original I sampled!  This stuff is drinkable and I now understand what people were talking about.

I will remove the “Do Not Buy” rating on Neuro Fuel 😉 Feel free to sample a can if you like!

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