Nitro 2 Go

NitroToday we are sampling Nature’s Nitro2Go thanks to Rob who donated this drink to EDG for review! N2G has a different look on each side, the picture you see here is the vertical design and the other side offers a horizontal design that claims “Liquified Intensity”

Once you crack open N2G you don’t really notice any distinct aroma, just the standard hints of Red Bull. N2G has a solid gold color and is super fizzy when pured into a glass. (Just think draft beer) I would classify this drink as a champagne of energy drinks, you need to sip this drink you don’t chug it. The carbonation will work your tongue overtime and then you will notice the similar taste of red bull but with some fruitier overtones!

Nitro includes Vitamins C, B6 + B12, niacin (without the flush feel), inositol, taurine and caffeine.

Overall this is not a bad drink, fruity taste and smell but ranks in with all the other average drinks out there.

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