NOS Fruit punch

NOS Punch

Seems to be a big run on “punch” flavor drinks lately…. But let’s get to it and start off 2008 with NOS Fruit Punch!

NOSFP comes in a red can with their trademark style logo and similar to the other drinks in the NOS family. When you first crack open this can it gives you a strong Hawaiian Punch aroma that makes you wonder if this really is an energy drink….. Now that you’re done sniffing lets take a swig and see what we get: we start with medium carbonation that lightly tingles your tongue, the flavor has some bite on the back of your tongue and it changes as it sits in your mouth. I would venture to say that NOSFP tastes like a generic fruit punch flavor that has hints of cherry near the end. I was totally stoaked after drinking Rockstar Punched so NOSFP had some big shoes to fill and NOS totally let me down… I was not pleased with this drink, you will be better off with a RS punched or even a BooKoo Punch.

Cottonmouth…. unfortunately NOSFP will give you some cottonmouth and that is not very refreshing or thirst quenching.

Overall I was rather disappointed with this drink!

4 thoughts on “NOS Fruit punch

  1. J

    hey i have been lookig for this drink for a long time could you please tell me where i could find it thankz

  2. EnergyMasta

    Your reviews are such crap…why dont you just hang a big advertising sign for the big money energy drinks. NOS has more caffeine than RockStar, Monster, Red Bull and all the rest…and it tastes a hellavu lot better. Your reviews act like this stuff is suppose to be like some wine or something…”artificial grape taste”…you’re so fullav it! Speakin for normal people who want the maximum energy hit…NOS tastes great and packs more heat

  3. Enery Drink Guru Post author

    Thanks for your comments and glad you are enjoying the site! The fun part of running a blog is that you get to post YOUR own thoughts on items. The original NOS taste great……. this fruit punch NOS was not working FOR ME. If you like then great, but I didn’t personally like it. I like Pepsi and not Coke 😉

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