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Rip it Citrus XGood morning readers, today we have a nice solid value drink I think you all will enjoy! Rip It Citrus-X has a nice orange juice color, mild carbonation, orangy aroma that is very inviting in the morning. C-X provides a nice tingle on the tongue, the flavor itself reminds me slightly of Tang but not as intense. I really enjoy Citrus-X, this is tasty drink that has just the right amount of bite to make this a refreshing morning pick!

I used to get this for $.99/can but it looks like they have raised the price to $1.09/can but that’s still a great deal compared to the other $2 drinks!

Goods include: 16 oz can, 2000mg taurine, 200 mg caffeine, 200mg inositol and 20mg guarana seed.

6 thoughts on “Rip it — Citrus X

  1. k-lea

    First off I want to say that symptoms may vary with person. I’m just giving you my first-hand experience on the energy drink called Rip It. Lets take a look at the “energy” ingredients, shall we?

    Taurine – 1000mg
    Caffeine – 100mg
    Inositol – 100mg
    Guarana Seed Extract – 10mg

    Holy shit myself, yo. I’ve never been really good with energy drinks but this one takes the cake by far! After I finished riding I obviously needed something to quench my thirst. Diet Pepsi, Pepsi, Capri-Sun, and Rip It were my choices. I decided to grab a RI from it’s little 4-pack. Provides me with 16fl oz’s of tasty goodness.

    Problem Number 1) I didn’t sip on this drink, I literally chugged it like a Beer Pong champion.
    Problem Number 2) I have anxiety which can lead to panic attacks.
    Problem Number 3) When my heart begins to pump faster by anything other than working out, I begin to panic.
    Problem Number 4) Flashbacks, ooh goody!

    After 30 minutes of chillin in bed I began to feel my heart race. I couldn’t stop moving my feet and my mind was racing. Not really remembering that I drank an energy drink I began to panic. I spoke to my friend Phen about this and he said even when he drank it he lost it. My mind began to race and I just couldn’t make it stop. There has not been one moment of peace in my brain since 6:30pm.

    I used to drink energy drinks daily to substitute from soda’s. I have *never* gotten this bad. This product is fairly new to the market. Just beware.

  2. Enery Drink Guru Post author

    I agree, different people feel different things after consuming energy drinks. I like the Rip-It line of drinks and appreciate you sharing your experience with us.

  3. aafunnycar

    Rip it is to me the king of value energy drinks! I loved this one very easily chuggable and delicious. My fav from them however is the “Lime Wrecker” or margarita flavor.

  4. Energy Drink

    I really enjoy Citrus-X, this is tasty drink that has just the right amount of bite to make this a refreshing morning pick. All orange lovers can enjoy this drink as it contains orange flavoor in it.

  5. dee

    were can i buy it? walmart used to carry it now they dont so any ideas would be great. I like to buy it by the case

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