Rip it Power

Rip it PowerRip It Power (Energy Fuel) comes in a 16 oz can for $1 and there are 3 other flavors available. Rip it is yellow in color, lightly carbonated and has a fruity aroma. The can design is kinda bland….. but the contents make up for the lame artwork.

Power offers a nice refreshing taste that is tropical and tangy, finishes clean and doesn’t really leave an aftertaste! I could actually drink this as a thirst quencher, you will have no problems chugging down all 16 oz.

The Rip It line of drinks are a great score for a buck, good flavor and a nice energy boost that gets you moving!

The goodies include taurine (2000 mg), guarana, caffeine, inositol, folic acid and B + C vitamins.

If you see this drink, you owe it yourself to spend the $1 and try it – 2 thumbs up!

4 thoughts on “Rip it Power

  1. rusty shackelford

    they goy 4 packs of this stuff at dollar general for 3.50!!!!!!!!!
    this stuff is great, this stuff is my coffie i drink it every morning

  2. Travis

    I just tried this drink and it tastes like a soda, without too much of the energy drink aftertaste. It was pretty good.

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