Rockstar Juiced Guava

Rockstar GuavaToday we have another selection from the Rockstar “Juiced” line. Rockstar Guava has a pretty cool purple can with a diamond plate design and black/gold lettering.RS Guava has sweet fruity aroma when you crack the can open, pinkish/red color and mild carbonation. If you have ever flown on an inner island in Hawaii they give you these little 4 oz cups of guava juice and this drink will remind you of it.

RSG used to be 70% juice but that had been knocked down to 50% juice but the same great taste is still there! 🙂 I really enjoy this drink, you can crack one of these open first thing in the morning and serve it at breakfast (to people that say they don’t like energy drinks).

This drink really breaks out of the standard energy drink taste and brings a new flavor to the table! Props to Rockstar on this grade A winner! I rate this drink in my top 3 of energy drinks I have sampled!

5 thoughts on “Rockstar Juiced Guava

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  4. Kelly Kocalis

    THey no longer make the 50% juice rock star guava. It is now 10% juice, more calories, more sugar, and a horrible after taste. TRAGIC!!!

  5. Enery Drink Guru Post author

    @Kelly, that sucks! I just bought a RS Guava last week and it was still 50%, I sure hope that was an isolated test product you got! This drink is still a favorite of mine and I’ll be pissed it everything goes to the 10% juice!

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