Rubyy – Blood Orange Energy

Have you ever wanted to be ” On all day and UP all night”?  If so then Rubyy Blood Orange Energy may be for you!  Straight in to the EDG labs from sunny California is a fresh new ultra premium luxury energy drink; Rubyy!

The first thing you will notice is the fantastic looking 12 oz aluminum bottle. This bottle fits in your hand perfectly, it gets super cold and the graphic design is top notch!

Lets crack open a  Rubyy and see what we find…….  the first aroma I smell is pleasant and light, similar to grapefruit-orange.  Rubyy produces a color very similar to pink grapefruit juice, there is even some very fine particles of pulp you can see if poured into a glass.  The pulp comes from the 8% REAL juice added: blood orange juice, tangerine juice & Valencia orange juice round out the mix.

First sip and yields extreme mild carbonation, not very sweet and finishes exceptionally clean.  I also noticed that the flavor is not over powering, it’s subtle, relaxed and doesn’t linger on your tongue very long.

Did I mention the can design is bad ass?  For all you late night clubbers this can even GLOWS under black light! Look for Rubyy next time you visit your favorite club in LA or when you stay at a W hotel.

Rubyy will provide you with a nice steady energy boost that doesn’t crash on you!  (80mg of caffeine, 130 cal & 29g of sugar)

The “yy” in the Rubyy name is the only link that would tell you that the co-founders of Skyy Vodka had thier hands in this project!

6 thoughts on “Rubyy – Blood Orange Energy

  1. carla

    Rubyy is AMAZING! I went to a party in LA last month, and was lucky enough to drink Rubyy and it was absolutely DELISH! it doesn’t taste anything like the other energy drinks……mmmm! Definitely an A++ in my book!

  2. sarah

    i don’t think it’s available in ohio yet, drew…it’s reeeallyyy new! but as soon as it is available, you must get your hands on it because it is the only of its kind and quite delicious!

  3. Tracy

    I really liked the taste of this one if I am going to drink a full sized Energy Drink, otherwise I am still a 5-Hour Energy Shot addict!

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