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All In Energy

Today we are going to review a trio of drink by All In.

Citrus, Root Beer & Grape

If you are a fan of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) you have probably seen some of the players holding or possibly drinking All In energy.  It seems that All In is to the WSOP what Red Bull is to motorcycle racing, X games ect.

All In is a sugar free drink (10 calories) that comes in the standard 250 mL “bullet can”.  The artwork is nothing fancy but works on the poker theme with the flaming poker chip, dragon in the background and the Chinese character “Qi” which means breath (but it’s more like your entire life).

We first sampled the Citrus flavor and WOW, this has a killer bright yellow color but very minimal aroma once the can is opened.  First sip offers a basic generic lemon taste that is mild, high carbonation assaults your taste buds and then leaves you with a substantial aftertaste and film on your tongue.  I normally don’t drink sugar free beverages so I can really notice the artificial sweetener and i think that promotes the aftertaste.  All In Citrus has an OK taste but the aftertaste and tongue film put me off a little.  Citrus will give you a little boost of energy but nothing intense.

Next on the list we have the grape flavor that produces a light rose colored liquid with a faint grapey aroma that is very bubbly when poured into a glass.  First swig offers a subtle artificial grape flavor that will pucker your mouth a little.  All In grape provides you with an aftertaste that gets stronger after you swallow it followed by the film on your tongue.  The grape flavor is much worse than the Citrus, I really don’t want to drink another can of it.

All In includes some goodies like: Inositol, caffeine, herbal blend (astragalus, panax ginseng, panax quinquefolium + schisandra) niacin, B+C vitamins and folic acid.

Overall I wouldn’t pay $2 for a can of this…… if someone gave me a citrus for free I would probably drink it.

Power Trip


Power Trip has a nice explosive looking can that makes you think there may be flavor frenzy in your mouth… Sorry to inform you but there is no flavor explosion.

PT is an opaque teal blue color, shows mild signs of carbonation and there is no distinct aroma when you crack the can open. The can labels this as “Outrageous Blue Citrus Flavor”. I found nothing “Outrageous” about this flavor; to be honest I could not even describe what this flavor is. I can see that it may try and resemble some sort of citrus flavor but I am not sure what one. The first swig you take has a nice little bite to it, mild carbonation increases a little more once it sits on your tongue for a while.   The can does not list any specific amounts of goodies in there but include the usual suspects: Caffeine, inositol, guarana and taurine.

PT comes in a 10.5 oz can; it’s a tad bigger than your standard Red Bull 250mL bullet can but just not a full 12 oz. I am not sure where the marketing idea was on the 310mL can but I only paid $.60 at Big Lots so that’s OK by me. If you can find this drink for under a $.60 it’s worth a try, I wouldn’t spend over $1 on this.

Rip it — Citrus X

Rip it Citrus XGood morning readers, today we have a nice solid value drink I think you all will enjoy! Rip It Citrus-X has a nice orange juice color, mild carbonation, orangy aroma that is very inviting in the morning. C-X provides a nice tingle on the tongue, the flavor itself reminds me slightly of Tang but not as intense. I really enjoy Citrus-X, this is tasty drink that has just the right amount of bite to make this a refreshing morning pick!

I used to get this for $.99/can but it looks like they have raised the price to $1.09/can but that’s still a great deal compared to the other $2 drinks!

Goods include: 16 oz can, 2000mg taurine, 200 mg caffeine, 200mg inositol and 20mg guarana seed.