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Red Bull Cola

Red Bull Cola is starting to show up in various markets across the US and I was able to score myself 2 cans to sample!!  $1.29 for the 250mL can and $1.69 for 12 oz can.

Let crack open the red pull tab (click the tab image for a full size image) that has the cut out bull logo in it and see what this stuff smells like….. FLAT SODA, yup smells just like an open can of cola that sat in the fridge for a few days.

Red Bull Cola has the color of murky iced tea and it’s very foamy when poured into a glass (similar to Pepsi but not that foamy).  The funny part about the foamy appearance is that onec you take a sip there is not much carbonation on your tongue….

I also want to add that RB Cola would make a great holiday beverage since it has a slightly “spicy” flavor to it… (cinnamon, cloves, ect…)  I myself do not like cinnimon or clove tasting items so this drink doesn’t really appeal to me, but I would drink a FREE can if got one!

Red Bull Cola is all natural ingredients and starts off with water, sugar and carbon dioxide!!!  No HSFC here!  Every ingredient on the list you can read and know what it is.

• no phosphoric acid
• no preservatives
• no artificial flavors.

I was expecting a sweeter taste but was greeted with a slightly tart or bitter taste.

As for the energy kick, I would say its less than a standard red bull.

Made in Switzerland!

Jolt Cola

old jolt logoToday we have an energy cola to review! Jolt Cola was created in Rochester, NY back in 1985 before anyone even thought of energy drinks! But then again, Jolt really isn’t an energy drink…. it’s just a cola with LOTS of caffeine! I remember buying this stuff when I was in middle school and thought I was such a bas ass when I brought in for lunchtime!

Jolt Cola

In 2006 Jolt had a marketing change and got rid of the old jolt logo that they used since 1985. (The glass bottles still use the old logo) I personally still like the old logo they use but it’s still the same cola with a different label.

Jolt cola provides a RC cola taste that has flat carbonation, leaves a nasty grit feeling on your teeth and a heavy film on tongue afterwards. I personally would not bother buying a Jolt, there are so many better options available to you these days.
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