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Amp Energy Traction

amp traction

Today I found a can of Amp Traction at the local C-store this morning and had to pick it up. The can looks cool but the $2.69 price tag was not… (OUCH) but me being the energy drink whore I couldn’t pass it up.

Amp Traction (AT) has a black & purple can with a purple pull tab releases a heavy grape aroma once opened. The grape aroma is very inviting, smells good and so far the whole package is looking nice. Once we sample the AT we discover a very faint grape taste, the aroma does not even come close to matching the taste at all… I would compare this to a mild tasting Mountain Dew Pitch Black, it was a very forgettable taste that left me disappointed.

AT has very minimal carbonation, light metallic tingle on the tip of your tongue but does leave that filmy residue on the roof of your mouth. I would give this drink a high “hawker factor”… you could produce a mean high volume hawker to spit after just 1/3 of a can of Amp Traction.

Traction includes taurine, guarana, caffeine, d-Ribose, ginseng, HFCS and B vitamins.

Overall I could drink a whole can of this with no problem, but it tastes like a plain dull grape soda.