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Bloom Energy – Cran Raspberry

I never thought Del Monte was going to get into the energy drink market but I am glad they did!

Today we have a 10.5 oz can of Del Monte Bloom Energy in Cran Raspberry flavor.  Bloom provides deep red robust color with a fruity aroma that is inviting.  First sip is solid flavor with a micro carbonation tingle on your tongue that is very pleasing and no aftertaste!  I really tasted the cranberry flavor but didn’t really notice much on the raspberry side. Bloom does provide a slight white grape juice taste which is a nice bonus.

I really like the fact that Bloom does not contain any HFCS!!!!  Del Monte claims one full serving of fruit per can.  Bloom doesn’t pack alot of the energuygoodies in there but it does have guarana, ginsing, B-vitamins and contains 50% juice.

I scored this gem for $.60 at Big Lots and recommend you picking a few up for the morning drive…  they are refreshing to drink and do not have that baby aspirin flavor.   Forget the orange juice and go straight for a Bloom.  You will get a little kick out this drink, it taste great and it’s less filling!