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Dickens Energy Cider

Dickens Cider

Today we have a Dickens Energy Cider (DEC) on the sample table! Dickens is distributed by DC Brands. The marketing department decided to go for a black hair chic with red thigh highs and a skimpy red skirt holding a pitch fork! I think they did a good job, too bad the label is better than the drink. DC Brands has all kinds of marketing, they have a model search competition, has promo events at Hooters ect… DEC has a lot of T&A associated with it which is fine by me.

DEC comes in a 16 oz can, offers a fruity aroma on that first sniff and has a standard gold color that looks clear and refreshing. The first sip of DEC is interesting you get all these tiny carbonation bubbles working on your tongue and finishes up with mild to standard carbonation…. BUT once you swallow that first sip you’d think someone just stuffed a bunch of cotton in your mouth!!! DEC has a very DRY taste and leaves you with awful cotton mouth and a film residue on the roof of your mouth.

DEC includes a pretty standard list of goodies: caffeine, taurine, inositol, B vitamins, citric acid and HORNY GOAT WEED!

DEC has the following slogan on the can:

“Taste the Difference, Feel the Difference”

I sure taste the difference…… a difference that I am not hip to. Reminds me of Windex mixed in with an energy drink.