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Rockstar Juiced Pomegranate

Happy October 1st

Rockstar Pom is part of the Juiced collection of drink, I think it’s better than the original “juiced” which was the orange flavor. Pom contains 50% juice, has a nice deep burgundy red color, mild carbonation that tingles your tongue just right and a slight sweet aroma that greets you when you open the can up!

RSP has a nice sweet but dry taste that includes just the right amount of carbonation to fully enjoy this beverage. There is no real aftertaste that I can taste, this finishes clean and smooth. The pomegranate flavor may be to strong or tart for a whole 16oz can, I would love to see this drink in the standard 8.3oz bullet can (and sell it for $1). After 16 oz of this drink your tongue is shot and things don’t taste right for a while. I suggest splitting this can with someone at breakfast time 😉

The goods: 16 oz can – 160mg caffeine, 2000mg taurine, 50mg inositol, 50mg guarana, 300mg ginko biloboa, 50mg ginseng, 40mg milk thistle and B vitamins.

Rockstar Pom

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