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MotoGP satellite squad becomes Monster Yamaha Tech 3

Looks like Monster is back in the MotoGP arena for 2009. Rossi has signed a personal deal with them for a “M” claw on his helmet…. BUT now Monster will have 2 full sponsored machines on the grid!!!
Yamaha’s Tech 3 satellite team have reached a two-year title sponsorship agreement with energy drink brand Monster, which will see the squad rebranded as Monster Yamaha Tech 3 from the 2009 season onwards.
The team, headed by Herve Poncharal and running riders Colin Edwards and James Toseland, have been one of the more successful satellite efforts in recent seasons, and now have the strong backing of America’s number one by-volume sales energy drink factory behind them as they attempt another strong campaign in the MotoGP premier class. Their bikes will be decked out with the Monster Energy M-Claw logo, most recently placed on Yamaha factory rider Valentino Rossi’s helmet in a personal sponsorship deal.
“It’s great to be linked with a growing brand such as Monster Energy, which has such a strong image and a big profile,” says Poncharal of the agreement. “Monster are very keen to support MotoGP and I’m sure that our partnership will prove to be very successful. Our aims are to go even better than in 2008, and thanks to this agreement we are highly motivated to do so.”
The attraction of sponsoring the team was explained by Monster Energy President Mark Hall, with the personalities involved in the project giving strong pulling power to the project.
“Both Colin and James have built huge followings throughout their careers and they are extremely popular riders, so Monster Energy is pleased to become part of their continued efforts through our partnership with the Tech 3 Yamaha team for the upcoming ‘09 MotoGP season,” comments Hall.
“Tech 3 has a highly successful track record as one of MotoGP’s premier teams and will provide a solid platform for Monster Energy as we continue to develop our brand image globally.”

Monster Energy Monorail

Monster Energy is up for advertising on just about anything these days! I was just in Vegas for a convention and the monorail looks pretty cool! When you are inside they have a video playing with various Monster sponsored athletes (BMX, Moto-X ect….)

They also have a Monster vending machine that sells the 16oz cans for $2. Now that’s one of the best deals in Vegas. NYNY hotel was selling 8oz cans of Redbull for $4.25

I was hoping to find some new drinks out there but nothing new or interesting…… 🙁

Monster Mixxd

Monster Mixxd Hot off the shelf from the local Speedway gas station, EDG is proud to bring you Monster Mixxd! Monster has just release another batch of new flavors and this is the first one (energy + juice) that I have found.

The can is very similar to the M80 design but with purple, not a bad looking can. The pull tab is black and has the “M” etched on it.

Lets crack this open and see what we get…. very little carbonation upon opening and minimal fizz when poured into a glass. Mixxd has a deep purple color that almost looks like a cola from certain angles and light conditions. The first swig of Mixxd is very interesting….. it reminds me of a diet cola mixed with prune juice. (yes, that bad) I had to call in a second opinion from my coworkers to confirm my findings and they all agreed on the prune juice flavor and smell. I have to admit that Mixxd gets better after a few swigs, that first one really shocks you!! I had left a few sips in my glass while I took some phone calls and I decided to drink that about 20 mins later. WOW, what a difference 20 mins made on this flavor! The horrible prune taste has disappeared and now we have smooth apple / grape taste that is smooth, finishes cleans and no aftertaste at all! I didn’t know energy drink were like fine wine, we have to sample certain type at specific temperatures! 🙂

Mixxd includes all your standard goodies that previous Monster drinks had (taurine, ginseng, B vitamins, guarana, inositol and L-carnitine)

Overall I rate this as an average drink, I will not be running out to buy more but if someone gave me a can I would be more than happy to drink it.

If you don’t like it….. Monster will refund your $$$ (Limit 1 refund per customer)

Monster Energy “BFC”

Monster BFC

Monster “BFC” I’m sure you all can guess what the “BFC” stand for! 😀 This is 32 oz of energy packed into 1 can! If you want to be bouncing off the walls this is right up your alley!

We have reviewed Monster before and most of you have sampled it so we will pass on the review but just admire this beast of a can. I have a standard 16 oz can next to it for reference.