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Neuro Fuel


There is no way to put a positive spin on Neuro Fuel……  This stuff is HORRIBLE!

NOTE: I have reviewed the “Improved Flavor” formula here , please read that also.

NF has a screaming canary yellow color that looks really good but once the aroma hits your nose you are wondering why they would put yack piss in a can!  I consulted with 4 of my colleagues to confirm my finding and give NF a non-biased review.  All 5 of us had that same WTF look on our face once you got a wiff of this liquid!

If you are still tempted to taste this vile fluid you will get a very dry taste similar to a sugar free drink, medium aftertaste and a taste that I’m lost for words on….

PLEASE – do not waste your $$$$$ on this drink…. it is not worth $.02, I wouldn’t drink this if you gave it to me free!

Please read the review update on the “new” Neuro Fuel

I took about 3 sips and had to pour the rest out, this vile sludge ranks up there in the top 5 worst energy drinks.

I have no comment on the energy boost since I couldn’t drink enough to tell.

They claim this is a “mood enhancing formula” and I have to agree, I was really pissed off after drinking this.

The website for NF is kinda cool though!

Neuro Fuel was sent to me by an EDG fan and I am sorry I don’t remember your name but thanks for sending this in…. and sorry about the honest review of it.


Diablo<excuse me while I rinse my mouth with gasoline>

Diablo… I don’t even know where to start. I guess I should say thanks to Jeff for bringing me this drink back from Canada, but then again after drinking it I wish he would have left this in Canada!

Diablo claims to use natural ingredients and not manufactured ingredients….BUT did you really want White Willow Bark in your drink.

This is nasty vile swill… whoever the person was that gave this drink the “OK” for production should be forced to drink it first! I was able to take (1) one sip and I almost puked in my mouth.  They try and give this a fake berry flavor but that doesn’t help at all.

Diablo = violent liquid assault on your tongue

If you see this, RUN AWAY as fast as you can!