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Red Bull

Here is the drink that started the energy drink craze! Red Bull is the most popular energy drink out there right now and sold around the world in 130 countries. The formula is the same worldwide except for vitamin content due to national regulations. The original version of Red Bull was created back in 1962 but the Red Bull that we all know was released in 1987 and is considered the “Austrian version”. (Look on your can…. most of the 250 mL cans will say made in Austria)

I have sampled many energy drinks and Red Bull is still one of my favorite, it may not be the best value out there but you can find it anywhere! Lightly carbonated, gold in color and has what I call that baby aspirin taste to it. The baby aspirin taste is what many drinks will copy, it may not taste just like baby aspirin but people get the point once they sample a Red Bull. RB contains 80mg of caffeine which is less than a cup of filter coffee and 1000mg of taurine.

Enough about the “bull” I am sure you have sampled one if you found this site!

It all started with Red Bull