Tropical Fantasy Fruit Punch

Tropical Fantasy fruit punch“Twice the energy, half the price, no bull!” TF comes in a 16 oz can and we bought it for $.60 over at save a lot. This “fantasy” has a deep red color, mild carbonation, fruity aroma that reminds you of Hawaiian Punch.

Tropical Fantasy is bottled by Brooklyn Bottling and there is a little bit of history behind this product that you can read about on wiki.

The “Tropical Fantasy” may be the headache that this drink gives you after you consume it. The fruity taste is that same flavor as generic bulk fruit punch mix that you find at a 5 yr old birthday party at a rec center. I did enjoy delayed carbonation tingle on the tongue but that was the only enjoyable part of this drink.

Even at $.60 I would not buy this drink again!

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