Turn Left Energy

Turn leftToday we are sampling Turn Left Energy so get your ZZ Top turned on and lets go. (Damn that was a pretty cheesy opening line..)

TLE has a nice light gold color and a very faint citrus aroma when you take a sniff. The first sip you take reveals light carbonation and an artificial kiwi flavor that leaves a heavy film inside your mouth. Let a minute or so go by and you notice a strong aftertaste, dry cottonmouth and that lingering film.

This drink is not very refreshing due to the heavy DRY aftertaste. I am glad that I only paid $.50 at Big Lots for this beverage. I also think this drink has a windex or cleaner taste to it… something is just not right with TLE.

“Turn left twice and turn your day around” is their slogan… this drink will sure turn your day around but probably not in a positive way.

TLE has the standard complement of goodies:

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